Sway Like The Wind!

Having gone through a lot of life issues and seeing how engulfing friendships are, I realized we are bound to go beyond our shells like an oyster to bring out the best from  within us and also appreciate what makes the world beautiful by relating with the outer world filled with people of different races and diverse beliefs. Watch the wind sway like i love its sight, all you will see is that the essence of all that surrounds us is a friend indeed!

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Colleagues call me Horptie, friends and family call me Titilope, my favorite though is Tytylurpe. I am a combination of all three. A Relationship Counselor, rational psych, transitionist yet a whelming being in all sense of the word.

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  • Anuoluwapo Okunuga
    April 13, 2016 at 6:57 pm

    nive one


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