You are Single yet almost don't ever go out…Is Mr Right suppose to break into your house to claim you!?

This is one reality we hardly even notice. Do you expect your potential partner to know you even exist without having ever seen you? I think we all need to check that especially the introverts. Ladies more often fall prey and guilty of this kind of situation …you should go out more, socialize and then hook up!
But remember, the way you present yourself either in your dressing, manner, attitude, appearance and all determines how you are addressed, approached and if it would bring about a relationship that would lead somewhere….

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Colleagues call me Horptie, friends and family call me Titilope, my favorite though is Tytylurpe. I am a combination of all three. A Relationship Counselor, rational psych, transitionist yet a whelming being in all sense of the word.

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