Your Personality and Your Attitude

Once I had to make physical contact with an acquaintance I met online. He was such a nice person all through our communicating and the “getting used to” process, he was close to perfect like gently, understanding, caring, attentive and all .of that to all my activities online, and to crown the whole thing up, he was very pretty! Okay, so we had gotten so used to one another for a period not less than four years and it was a wow; so fresh-flowing communication. We decided to perfect the hooking up process by meeting up, then we met and yes, he had such great sense of dressing…he appeared perfect. On meeting we hugged and did the cheek-peck thing, we sat to our meal at one of the best restaurants in town and amidst our eating at the very first meeting I discovered so much more about him than I thought I knew… He was a grub! He lacked table manners, was a lousy eater, had something to say on every customer that arrived at the restaurant, was very insulting towards whatever he disagreed with. He nagged, complained about almost everything and he was also very dirty, imagine him picking his nose while eating…it was that bad. At this point, I was forced into my own of world thoughts and I couldn’t but realize I had mistaken his personality for what he really was inside of him which is his attitude, his character. Wow, he was so much more than what he presented himself to be.
One’s personality is what one allows an outside party to see, it is what you’ve groomed yourself to appear as. It is what shows on your outside as compared to what really exists in you. Your attitude builds into your character, it is what you do unconsciously. It is what you are inside of you even behind closed closets, it is who you are when no one is seeing. Your attitude is your ‘person’, it shouldn’t be contrasting but it does contrast in some cases as the one I cited above about the guy. Your personality is your foreground, it is the element of an image painted closest to the picture plane meanwhile your attitude is the background as opposed to the foreground which is the part of the picture behind the main subject, a less prominent feature of scenery but which is actually what constitute the main subject, like the most important factor that makes the subject meaningful and what he/she actually is which attracts and allows the attention stick to the person involved.
Sometimes they say what you are inside is what is formed outside, that is how it should be but not how it always is and so I beg to disagree with the saying because you may not be able to control what is inside of you which builds your attitude especially when it has become a part of you but you can determine what you want to be seen of you, an assumed role, your personality and so you would quite agree with me that your attitude may not always be your personality and this should be worked upon.

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