Behaviors You Take Up Because You Like Him…

Behaviors You Take Up Because You Like…


Hello Readers, and how have you been? I am here to as always give you the best of what I think you should have and do believe you welcome it open-heartedly.

Have come to realize that different people respond differently to different situations…you like how that sounds? #smiles. Well yes, situations like that are bound to occur and in very different things, some almost unfathomable yet it does happen.

When a lady likes a guy, Mehn! she would do almost any thing to please and express her feelings to him. She would go lengths just to satisfy and make him feel on top of her world. Well it can’t be equally said of the male counterpart, maybe to a fraction but trust me, its to a minimal fraction. A guy almost feels normal even when he likes a babe, he almost doesn’t show it. A lady would go as far as changing bits of herself to feel right for the guy she likes, she would then start acting differently because she “thinks” this is what would please the guy. She becomes too careful around him, restricts herself from expressing anger or how she would normally react about something just so the guy doesn’t start reconsidering his choice of her or the relationship.

Let me make something clear to you ladies out there, he started dating you because of what he saw in you and so you should let it stay that way. The things you try changing about you is probably the one thing that captivated him into approaching you so you might as well leave it as that and not assume that is likely to scare him off. As for ladies that aren’t in a relationship yet but he see or know of a guy you like so much and it seems he is going to make a move at you then you become too cautious of yourself, get too careful around him just because you think that would please him and in the process of this actually scare him off as you being inconsistent, what then is likely to be your take? Well I can then say you are getting the whole ‘liking him’ thing wrong and the essence of a relationship very wrong!

You don’t change your ‘Being’ because you want or are in a relationship, you don’t start feeling limited or stop expressing your real self because of a relationship. You could adjust and mend bad behaviors you have because of-course a relationship is always a learning ground, and also learn to make compromises that are rationally not out of the league. You start learning to tolerate somebody else aside yourself or the regular people around you and learn to start thinking of two and not just your usual self….

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