Democracy In A Relationship

Democracy In A Relationship

….of the people, by the people, for the people.
It so happens that yesterday marked another year of Democracy rule in Nigeria but officially celebrating it today nationwide, as a proud and loyal resident citizen of the country who encounters daily living of fellow citizens, how they govern their homes and individual lives, am prompted to fulfill all righteousness of enlightening my readers both home and abroad on how applicable and useful this kind of rule can be to our daily lives and relationship. I know the heading of this write-up may sound or look amusing but it can really be advantageous when its practices are known and well applied, so please stay with me as I move ahead here.
I would be sticking to just one definition of Democracy as it is very simple yet comprehensive enough if properly interpreted and it happens to encompass the width of scope I intend analyzing it with.
Democracy generally can be defined as a rule of the people, by the people and for the people as written earlier, Democracy in a relationship can therefore be interpreted as a rule of the relationship of the couple, by the couple and for the couple. Expatiating  on this definition is to express just how each conjunction can be used to pattern the path which relationship can be trailed upon.
Firstly, the rule governing relationship with the aspect to ‘of the couple’ involves active participation of partners in the relationship to keep the move of the relationship. It seriously involves both parties being actively and devotedly alive to spark events in the relationship successfully. A party out of the two can’t single-handedly keep the aliveness of events in a relationship. A relationship is groomed for three, two humans and the Godhead who should be the foundation of the relationship as of every other thing, make yourself count by being ahead of your game.
Next, the rule of the relationship ‘by the couple’ simply tells of the way the partners involved in a relationship wants the relationship groomed and it can only be achieved by themselves. How to make this relationship boom is by their singular effort, the up-rise or downfall of the relationship is proved by what they are capable to make of this relationship.
Lastly, the rule of a relationship ‘for the couple’ expresses that relationship is made for both male and female, we are to dominate it and not the other way round. You shouldn’t because of the usual practices others have termed a relationship to be then continue to flood your reasoning or wise functionality of a relationship. Enjoy your relationship, flow with it, rule it, head it, be the master of your relationship and the good Lord help you, you stay on top of your game.#grinning. Stay functional both spiritually and in all aspects of your life as well as in your relationship and marvel at just how almost perfect life can be enjoyed because of course, nothing is ever perfect.
I sure have been able to enlighten and at the same time helped you catch the fun of the day by the delightful title head of this precious write…Stay Tuned!

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