Giving Your Time In True Friendship.

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Getting somebody to take you out to have a nice time is not difficult these days, I could wake up one morning, scroll through my phone then conclude on a number to dial just to hook up. Deciding to hang out with friends comes too easily to mind, but you sure its the right thing to do? You sure you are getting acquainted with the right set of persons?
I have guy-friends who would queue just to spend time with me (no bragging), using the excuse of taking me out to eat or catch fun at eventful places even when they know there isn’t and wouldn’t be anything attached to it and guilty  I am one who sometimes give in just to while-away time or maybe to lavishly spend money. While these are some of the wrongest reasons to go out with somebody irrespective of whatsoever agreement you have between yourselves, spending time with somebody should be for sincere reasons as sharing joy with fellow mankind or catching up on life’s happenings with good faith. There is more to going out with a person than just spending money,playing away the time, merely keeping company, endless cruising and the likes. It takes devotion at times to stay in the presence of some persons especially some who are boring, have raging tempers, can be pissing, persons who you have to take efforts to please or efforts to drive home some reasons into them; its called True Friendship, it is how life should happen…It can be consuming, it would take strengths but it is what should keep us going in human relations. It is the backing when love itself might not yet have come to play, it is commitment; am sure some people don’t realize that even mere friendships require commitment (that’s talk for another day), it is rare but it does exist; Its called unattached yet strong strings.
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There are friends and there are actually friends, confusing right? I for one believe strongly in the school of thoughts of ‘Never joke or take your friends lightly’…I love my friends, All! I value my friends, I give attention how much I think I should, may not necessarily be convenient but once it is required, needed, valued and appreciated then you have me all-in. Friends have been there for me and are still except the very naughty ones who stray or have other motives attached to their befriending me in the first place. Trust me, am not merely a receiver but also strongly a giver, totally and not just materially. Some friends, just as there are positive sides to a thing negatives are bound to appear and so it applies to friendship, happen to be real silly, very bad, unruly, not been friends indeed and all of that, still I never, never allow that cloud the atmosphere to receiving incoming ones as I advice you shouldn’t too. Give all a fair chance, even those who have once been bad deserve and actually should get new chances always as even the Word of God has encouraged. Don’t be one who concludes a page by an experience. Life happens, life goes on, its a small world you should know…they did ‘the bad’ the way they knew how best to and they could learn to be better, never throw friends away…they need love as we all do, be accommodating, tolerate, but mind you, be watchful and un-misleaded. “The world may be bad but can also be good”…LurpEe.

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    June 8, 2016 at 5:36 pm

    Nice one Lurpe (Titi).


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