Seeking Love Where There Is None!

Seeking Love Where There Is None!
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I sadly recall a scenario of an experience of somebody very dear to my heart who thought she could seek love refuge from any angle that seem to be offering it just because she thinks those that ought to love her (family and partner) are lacking in their ‘duties’ to do so. My dear, let me tell you something,except the Most High loves you then you are finished but I can boldly say to you He sure does!. There may be situations it seems not to be so but from very personal stuffs, I can assure you all over with confidence and no regrets that He definitely does,only that  you’ve got to believe it by coming to the knowledge of it. Alongside that, LOVE YOURSELF… that is prior and paramount (and every other emphatic dignified word you can find in the dictionary can take up that description space). You gotta love yourself way deep, deeper, deepest…Nobody, trust me, I mean nobody can ever get close to loving you half as much as you should love yourself.
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Somebody filling the vacuum between your legs doesn’t guarantee being love-filled or the ‘sentiments’ of love. You have to take charge of your own emotions, man-up to whatever you must do to get fulfilled and then love-filled. Sex is no assurance of Love (you need more convincing? then chat me up, link in Bio or comment segment), but seriously think of it…How come a man can sex up more than one lady? How come( if you will be sincere to her) you can separate your feelings while having sex? How come you are in your complete senses while having some particular intercourse? How come the guy, while having sex with you wouldn’t dare forget the exact moment to pull on the condom? How come he is conscious of your state when you start fumbling with his dick around your pussy without any protections on? How come you are aware of all these moves of his carefulness mentioned above and more in the event of you guys having sex?
Its nobody’s duty but yours to love self! Nobody is obligated to love you…Its more of the “Every man for himself” thing. But once you’ve proven to be in love and to have love for yourself, others can be prompted/encouraged to love you. This is not because they have the duty to, but because they first see the radiance of your own love from self and then they recognize fulfillment into being complete by following the flow of the love circuit.
My dear, you gotta learn to love yourself and love yourself real deep and Please this whole write up is for both gender. I love one particular message by T.D Jakes- Let It Go which I would relate in my  next counseling-write to y’all… Oh so, Did I say how sorry I am for having been unavailable for a while now? Yea, am sorry but AM BACK! #Kisses#.

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