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selfloveHello fam,
So this happens to be my first post in quite sometime now which I sincerely do apologize about. I would like to put a temporary new dimension to the number of times I would be posting reasons being to stay committed and consistent to you my dear people. Thanks for being great viewers of mine over time here on board and how encouraging that has been, I cannot quantify with words! Okay so back at you with your expectations of me and I trust God’s leading to help me inspire you with the proper expressions and use of my words on this platform which am entirely grateful for.
I came across a post on my fellow blogger’s page which moved me and I promised to drop a bit on Self-love… that was an awesome piece down there friend!
Self-love by the conjunction of the word Self Love implies pure love for oneself; myself… It is a deep and intense care or/and affection which encompasses liking, delight, dedication, being strongly inclined towards yourself. It is an emphatic feeling which thrives, flourishes and increasingly prospers towards self.
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You can not NOT love yourself and expect to give love to somebody else or be loved…where do you give something you lack or doesn’t even exist, Totally Impossible! Who you see yourself as is who you are eventually taken for. Being in love with oneself authenticates ability to love another person. As much as it is written in the Holy Book to love your neighbor which you can only materialize when you possess the will-power to love, the whole act of neighbor-loving is then just a tale when peace, care, charity, bliss and the likes are absent.
There is still so much expression to give on this subject but for your convenience, I would drop it off here to have a follow-up post later in the week, do stay in touch. Thanks so much for being here and Have a blessed day. #kisses!

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    March 16, 2017 at 3:01 pm

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