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It is another end day in this fulfilling week, sure its been pleasant to and for you yea? As I earlier promised in the week to drop more on the amazing title Self Love, well yeah, I am here to fill you in and I trust you would find these tips impacting.
Self-Love as dropped off in previous post is about total loving of oneself, but this doesn’t just happen. Steps are involved in recognizing just how to embark on the process of being in love with yourself and amongst many others, I will highlight these very few which I know are the basics…

  • Discovering yourself. This is about finding yourself mainly studying who you are, knowing what you can be, what you possess, what encompasses you, your capabilities, your totalities both in quality and quantity (don’t mind the outlook of those words), your overall (this includes anything and everything that sums you up including the very big stuffs about you like your love language, desires, wants, passion, what gets you, your appetite to things, actions and reaction down to the least details as habits, eating habits, likes, dislikes, moods, those things that gets you excited).
  • Decision to stay unmoved by the ‘negatives’ which ranges from opinions to attitude to so many others. People bluff; wanting to chatter and its likes. This is very normal, it happens but also entirely depend on if you will accept or not. Don’t let one or more chitchat get to you negatively and ruining your esteem. Oh dear, these things aint worth nothing! You are much more and more than that. You own your world; Live it, Rule it!

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  • Decision to stay happy. Things will occurs, stuffs will come up taking different turns of scenarios but it is up to you to focus and stay unshaken, at the same time radiating joy all the way. You gatta realize there is just this one living, you gatta aspire to be inspired to stay emotionally healthy because oh yes, being happy and in love with first oneself then others balances moods, appetites of all kinds, mental capacity, relating and relationships and also life in total. So Be Happy; Joy Radiating.
  • Totally respect your feelings. This may seem odd but let me say, however inanimate feelings (sad, happy, lively, shallow, and other nature it brings), it is material, tangible yet an intangible object. And so just as human deserves and want reverence, so also our feelings need to be acknowledged and accepted. Cherish all of it.
  • Treat yourself… you absolutely deserve this! Except times it seem impossible probably financial or time constraints. You should never deprive yourself of occasional luxuries and leisure… these things are absolutely necessary. It doesn’t have to be done elaborately , some other times it could simply be a stroll, sight-seeing, something not requiring so much spending just a little not usual for you. This would also aid in knowing what you can do, how you feel and even enjoying your singleness. Never wait to be swept off your feet by someone claiming to have the capacity to give you a treat before you actually make yourself feel like the prince or queen you really are. You deserve better dear.

Self-Love is accepting your whole being and allowing somebody see how near perfect you are, coming to terms with taking you for just who and what you are and not what they want you to be or what you act to be trying to pleasing others, then simply completing you and not just constituting your existence. I Do Love Y’all…Have a splendid weekend!!

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