Teach (Be) What You Preach!

I know this looks upside down but yes, it’s no mistake what I’ve titled this article as.
How is your day going lovely people out there? Mine has been good…very good so I hope it is mutual 🙂  .
Ever realized that a great number of behaviors are influential and automatically learnt by people around/ onlookers? This is you indirectly, unconsciously teaching what you act (/are) which can be quite different from what you say (i.e. preach) and encourage the general public to emulate. So now, let’s reanalyze the above expression; your act is what people see and learn .i.e. who you are, your attitude, behavior, what you subconsciously teach and might not have noticed while what you say can be your preaching which in the whole if caution aint taken could be entirely opposite. You gatta BE WHAT YOU PREACH to everybody irrespective of what/who they are.
As a public figure, you can’t act saucy because you claim to be busy but when you have an audience you give speeches of how you want them to be ‘not saucy’ and of great behaviors…that is total blasphemy! Okay that seemed extreme yea? Yea, you have to be a doer of your own word, only then will it be right for your words to have magnifying effects as to what you want done. I hope I am explicit enough for you #smiles.
Be kind because you tell others to be
Be prudent because you encourage others to save
Be good because you want the society and general people/ place to be of good act and be safe.
I know that looks a little backwards because that’s as against you first being it then automatically having it preached but if that is what will encourage/push you to be a better person and act well then it is good enough reason to stand as that…
Reflect on what I’ve just said, take a deep thinking… We All Have To Always Act Consciously.

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