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This personality is somebody I know, for his honesty and bluntness and yes, he is also very nice. Which is the whole reason I chose to have this interview with him. Do bear that our guest will like to stay anonymous for reasons best known to him, but you can be sure to take his responses as a large sample size analysis. Experience, He’s Got!
next interview coverThe INTERVIEW.

ME: Hello, Mr B. How are you doing today?

Mr B: I am very well, thank you. And you?

ME: I’m good too, thanks. To not take too long of your time, we will go straight to the matter we have on ground. So, …

ME: What is a Dating Relationship to you?

Mr B: Being in a relationship with a person means having a connection with such person. By connection I mean a bond. You both understand each other.

ME: Okay. So it is not basically love, maybe at first sight? Could be intellect thereabout?

Mr B: There’s no such thing as love at first sight for me. You can fall in love with someone by merely seeing the person. The word ‘love’ is deep but sadly, it’s been abused. What you feel when you see someone for the first time is an attraction. An attraction that could stimulate feelings that overtime could run deep and nature into love.

ME: So, what does Marriage mean to you or what leads to Marriage for you?

Mr B: Marriage to me means commitment and sacrifice. When two people in a relationship agree and decide to put everything else aside and come together to live as one, that’s a sacrifice. To get married, you need to be in love.

ME: Are you a love fanatic? Do you solely believe love can work everything out in a relationship/marriage?

Mr B: Of course not. Love isn’t enough. There are things bigger than it.
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Me: Tell me, should age mates marry each other? If no, why not?

Mr B: I won’t say they should. But yeah, they can. If they can tick all boxes. By the boxes, I mean whatever anyone needs to do before getting married. Then, why not.

ME: Do you think a relationship should kick off first from friendship then progress to dating and then courtship before marriage? Which would it be for you…friendship first before dating?

Mr B: Yeah. It’s unavoidable. You can’t marry a stranger. The moment you get talking, you’re friends already. You can’t date if you’re not friends. You don’t meet someone today and start dating on the spot.

ME: What is courtship?

Mr B: The period of time before marriage where both parties try to get to know each other before they get married.

It’s the stage of asking questions and trying to know all they haven’t known about themselves. It’s just a formal way of knowing each other. But in actual sense, you get to know each other gradually from the day you first met.

ME: What do you think of spouse of same career getting married? From both the general outlook and personally. And what professions do you think it’s cool if they got married to each other?

Mr B: I’ll start from personally. I have nothing against it. I could actually do it. As for generally, there’s absolutely nothing wrong also. About professions, those in the commercial and arts category would be cool. Engineers or people in the Medical profession won’t be a good idea basically because of the amount of time they don’t have at their disposal as a result of their too busy schedule.

ME: Would you stay in a relationship or even mere friendship with someone out of pity? Or at your inconvenience?

Mr B: No I can’t do that. I’ll quit. Applies everywhere. I won’t be your friend out of pity.

ME: What stage/level of dating can you permit to while away time? Like how long can you stay in a relationship knowing you are just playing around?

Mr B: If we both admit it’s not a serious one, then we can go on. But if she thinks it’s serious, I won’t keep deceiving her.

ME: What!!! How can you tell if she’s thinking it’s serious?

Mr B: You’d know. Girls take almost anything seriously. So knowing if a girl is taking a relationship seriously isn’t an issue.

Me: Then it means you can date for fun… Shouldn’t dating be because you want something serious coming at the end of it?

Mr B: Yes I can date for fun. It all depends on how you define your relationship. If you both want something out of it, then at some point in time in the relationship you’d have said it.

ME: Wow… You must be a hell of a play-boy!
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ME: So, what do you feel about ‘Monitoring’ in a relationship? Your partner always wanting to know where you at, what you doing, with whom and the likes.

Mr B: It’s needed and unavoidable. But it could become too much and annoying. The limit is relative with individuals. Only specific scenarios and the exact person/how I feel about the person will tell how far I would tolerate.

ME: So you don’t think it is insecurity? Then what will you classify as insecurity.

Mr B: There’s a thin line between jealousy and insecurity. Some individuals have chronic insecurity issues, they feel it for no reason. But ideally, insecurity is as a result of events that might have led the insecure person to feel that way by his or her partner.

ME: What is your take on double dating?

Mr B: Not cool. Not good. It shouldn’t be done at all. Only players do it. It creates issues even when the relationship isn’t serious.

ME: For someone who can date for fun that’s quite a thought. Thank you so much for your time. It was an honor having you here but before you leave, could you please drop a word or two for our readers out there, advice… anything at all.

Mr B: They should endeavor to define their relationships before they go deep into it.
There you have it beloved…I hope you’d be rightly able to deduce from the above contents what you should do and be.

Stay Awesome!

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