For The Sake Of Love…

Finally we have it here. How has the ride through this series being for you guys?
For The Sake Of Love 2…

Chapter 4

I was truly worried. I loved Amaka and had hoped it was going to be my final test of love in a relationship. I had told myself I was going to settle down with Amaka, but the whole turn of events made this thought almost impossible. Amaka at this time came to me, pleading that I turn a blind eye to the exposed secrets and the fact that she had even tried to conceal it (however she got to know I knew about it already I don’t know and maybe it was from my attitude and the distance I was now keeping from her). This just made it totally easy for Jenny to try carrying out her mission (getting me back).

Amaka was willing to accept the child I have with Jenny. Could this be true love?. I knew the whole decision making was solely on me now, Amaka had succumbed. Lord, I need directions  (I prayed). I knew that should have been the very first thing to do even before entering the relationships I had had (Jenny, Amaka and Others), but it wasn’t too late. That I was sure.

Amaka remained loyal to me, was as calm as ever and was patiently waiting to know my decisions. Jenny still had her attitudes.

There I knew I had my answers. Amaka had made mistakes in her past, she knew it and was sorry for it but we were in the present. I also had my faults, I should have know better but that was how life would have it. I had found love and wasn’t going to let it go without a good fight.

Hello peeps, so tell me… did you expect a different outcome of the story? And please let me know what you thought it would have been. What are the lessons you got from this series and how has it improved your way of loving?

Thank you so much for sticking around to the end of the series. Do keep in touch for more inspiring feeds. I appreciate y’all 🙂.

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