On The Verge Of Anger!

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On The Verge of Anger!

No, don’t you dare give me that! How dare you raise your voice at me! Hey, we are together but I’m still not your age mate! Hell, control your insecurity and stop constituting a nuisance! No, No, No, I won’t take that from you or anybody else! What!? Even my younger siblings won’t ever do that around/with me… who then are you to? Because we are dating?? I asked you to be here in less than 10mins, and so you unnecessarily kept me waiting!? Who the bloody hell is that guy that keeps calling you? You are a damn stack illiterate, despite how learned you may seem!? I hate your presence! Can you just get lost already!

Here, these and many more are expressions of anger … and trust me, that is how chaos starts!!!

ANGER —-> This is an irrational reaction to something seemingly unpleasant to you especially at that moment of reacting irrespective of the other party’s attempt to make you see reasons for the behavior, or their inability to justify an act of theirs.

Hey there… the above is my own simply put definition to give you an overall and uncomplicated clear picture of what being Angry is all about.
break anger
Somebody failing at a point to rationally complete/carry out an act or decision based on the inability of the other party to correctly behave in a particular way expected of him/her which then provokes the initial person; the offended with an urge to cause to harm/ hurt the other person and generally inflict pain and God so help them both, the offender also at that point decides to not want to take the blame/responsibility of the offense and stay stubborn. Then, … (You keep guessing what that can result in).

And hey still, the ‘offended’ there just might be the irrational person who isn’t able to see the real essence of the act of the so called ‘offender’.

Unfortunately, some kinds of anger are from within and the whole of the reason of that reaction can’t be explained because they are purely irrational. Those with this kind of anger just happen to have it in their nature which could be inherited, almost looking uncontrollable.

Guys, it is DESTRUCTIVE! It is unappealing! It is disrespectful! It is distasteful! It is unpleasant, not Romantic! It is consuming! It is energy exhausting! It is illogical! It is devilish! It is irrational- illogical! It is depriving, snatches what we ought to enjoy!  ….
Are you perhaps wondering why I have DESTRUCTIVE in block letters? Yes, I’d tell you… it is worst. Okay, don’t get me wrong here.

I’m not telling you that’s the only worse result of Anger. No, I am saying from that generates even many more un-desiring and terrible outcomes that deter the smooth communication or existence of a (any) type of relationship.

ANGER is from the devil. LOL. I’m getting spiritual right? But yea, trust me on that.

Dearies, I really don’t want you getting bored at this point because I sure am trying to get at something with this article and so, I would be doing the concluding part of it Next Week Thursday as always. Do be in touch and Yes, I love you! It’s gon be a nice weekend ahead…

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    Nice one, may God bless you

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      June 15, 2017 at 9:28 am

      And you too. Thanks


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