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There was a conversation I had recently with a group of persons about dealing with Anger, and guess what they said, particularly one married man among them and gosh, I was sad! He (they) said if the lady he (they) is/are dating is proving stubborn or from time to time provokes him (them), he (they) would beat her up at least once so she understands and learn to start behaving. This was as against what I was advising them that in such situation, they ought to leave that scene for a while to calm their nerves in order to avoid afterwards regrets and Wait, you knew of her own anger issues too before getting married, why then did you go ahead knowing you couldn’t tolerate her? He wowed me by saying he wanted to help her learn manage her temperament, by beating?? (Ladies, please, endeavor you know the reason this guy wants you in his life!) The married man was so bent on his decision to make her stop provoking him by beating her and this I term ‘Domestic Violence’ and believe me, that’s how it erupts.
You know, I’ve encountered other persons with Anger Issues and I know my dear, I know from what they’ve confessed to rather not have that temper disorder in their lives. You know, you do something and at that point, hell, nobody can correct you, nobody can calm you down, nobody can explain to make you see reasons as to why something/somebody that caused the anger happened that way.

But right after you might have yielded to this devil (temper/anger) and reacted irrationally/badly (because that is always the results of reacting in anger; not in your right state of mind), you then come to realize how horribly far you had gone in your reacting, after which regret sets in.

One key way I can recommend for controlling Anger is YOU. Yes, I mean help from yourself. Efforts you (can) make to be better. And I say PRAY to God about it, that can be an automatic reformation of behavior divinely. Then, be cautious of other seemingly  little areas as being patient. Like I’d always say, it takes you to make or mar you. It’s all on you to bring something to life/existence and also same you to destroy the very same thing. So, Watch It!
To control anger, you’d also have to learn to not take things to heart. Nothing is worth worrying about! Don’t take offenses or insults or abuses/disregards coming from anyone or any situation seriously. It is really not worth it. It is just a form of how humans live/express their fluctuating nature which can be provocative. We are flesh and so, are bound to act as one but it takes a greater being to live above the flesh and this is basically by what you ‘feed’ yourself, what you take into your body and mind. And, the resulting factor in the case where it is a positive (good) intake causes Joy, Laughter, Peace… this simply says it; LAUGH MORE, ALWAYS, It helps control how you react to external factors.
When you suddenly feel angered or disgusted by a fellow’s act, one thing that impulse should help you do is biting down on your lips. This controls your action (reaction) to that disgusting act committed. Like, you bite your tongue or lips down and you are stopped from saying words or doing stuffs you most likely would regret at the passing of that time.

Finally, I’d say; Never Do Transfer of Aggression. Each person has one thing or the other they are silently going through, having someone impose another responsibility especially one that wasn’t their doing or isn’t pleasant can be pissing and annoying at the same time. Something you don’t like has been done to you? Deal with it and Maturely too! Stay Awesome Fam.

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