Enjoying Your Singleness…


Enjoying Your Singleness…

Hey guys!

This is a post I think I had jotted down since late last year or very early this year and of course, it is for you, me and us #smiles. So yea, I say, do you all agree with me on how great being single can be? How satisfying it could be? How desiring it is to have all your time and thoughts to just yourself? In all these, I still will say being with someone who really loves and cares about you is way pleasing to being single *winks.

You know, I’ve seen relationships back then in school when students lived the couple life, giving excuses that one party involved couldn’t secure accommodation and the other person had to accommodate. And this kind of situation gets to the point where the guy would always challenge the girl of(on) her whereabouts and her activities. To not look insecure, he uses phrases as ‘He was lonely the entire day’ or that ‘He was hungry’ or ‘She wasn’t available when he needed her’ etc. Guys, even you need to enjoy your single status!

That of course is if you are not dating/ in any relationship. You only get single when you are actually single. But you are in a relationship? My dear, by all means I say enjoy that. It is a privilege to have somebody be into you, love you, cherish you, admire you, care for you and to actually stay with you.

Being single and actually living as a married couple… how then, when do you get to enjoy those moments of not being married yet!?

When do you then get to discover those very hidden or little stuff about yourself which takes serious concentration to find? How will you know to distinguish between who ought to be in your life because they fit your living-purpose? How do you know who rightly compliment you and who would make the living right? All these, most times if not all can only be greatly achieved with undivided concentration of when you are single. I’m not saying or insinuating that there aren’t some life purpose you discover only after marriage or something but I still stand that you need to know yourself, understand yourself, appreciate yourself, love yourself and empower yourself and your esteem at your single status. That is when it has more value and earn more values for you (from your partner and even onlookers) with a change in status.

My dear, you need to wise up. If this involves you calling off your current relationship, then by all means, only if it does o. Do crazy stuffs you wont regret, Try ‘different’, maybe live expensive from time to time, be scarce to the general, travel light, earn stipends, risk passion, take time to love all persons and be excited. But you think or know you can manage your relationship and at the same time utilize your own self then why not. Be mature, grow along, grow together, experience life, be attentive, be patient and be adorable.

Know that you aren’t married yet even as somebody in a steady relationship, you still have a ‘single status’ and that you are still ‘living’ and exploring and discovering and having fun and seeking adventures. It is totally terrible not knowing what you stand for or what you are living for…PURPOSE; it is like breathing without true existence, it is grave and shallow. You can only enjoy being single when indeed you are single, Once married or tied in commitment to someone it is always a different bargain altogether, and a promise? Yes it is. So always honor it.

To the One I love…I Love You! And to you my family here, I value you.

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  • Jayms
    June 30, 2017 at 7:10 am

    Oro nla…

  • usman
    July 3, 2017 at 8:56 am

    Nice one it’s indeed word of incorrigible I so much love it and is reality of life

    • horptie
      July 3, 2017 at 10:14 am

      Thank you but I think you meant ‘word of corrigible’ there meaning they had the power to correct right? Still, I’m glad it made a touch to you.


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