Hey guys… feels like a while you heard from me yea? It’s been clumsy on this end but more than ever, reassuring. #grinning, more reason for today’s post.

Awesome day going by with a chat with an old friend of mine who in the process asked what motivated me into blogging and on reflex I said ‘Love’ *smiling but immediately countered it because she for who she is was going to start drilling me with various unimaginable questions (if you get what I mean).

I’ve had similar questions from other persons over time I started blogging and trust me, it was well accompanied with various other questions and also why I chose the aspects I’ve been counseling on (Friendship and Relationship) only the words each person has used have been different varying from ‘Motivation’ to ‘Inspiration’ to ‘Leading’ to ‘Reason’ to ‘What I derive’ and lots like that with each word carrying different weight in content of expression.


I’d say this word is as good and well related to every other word in its class of content.

Okay here. What pushes you into doing what you find yourself doing? What influence does someone or something has into making you a better you? What is your drive? What inspires you? What’s the motive for doing something? Don’t miss it here by assuming ‘the end thing you achieve from doing something’. Inspiration most times is the ‘the beginning’ for wanting to do/achieve something, it often times is the reason you are encouraged/gingered to explore, It is your need to aim at/for something… Excellence! That thing that intrigues…arouse your interest, fascinates you to becoming, to finding, to discover other than what is on the surface, to plough deeper within, beneath, to reach down… inwards, to pulling forth… breaking through what you feel inside or think you are capable of. WHAT BRINGS A BETTER SIDE OF YOU OUT?!  Yes that is your Inspiration, your Motivation, your Drive, your Influence(r)….

It could be just One thing, It could be many things and It could be stuffs (maybe someone, Music, a picture, happy moments, quiteness or anything) coming up from time to time. Because yes, I can tell you this particular write was inspired by the conversation I mentioned having with this old friend of mine. So yes, find that one thing or many things that opens you up to new ideas. Open your mind, free your spirit to everything around you. Inspiration sometimes ain’t fore-planned, it could just happen/come to be. More reason you should only ever have positive things and minds/people around; a bad person anchors/ brings a bad omen along so you know what a good person only would do.

Keep values and valuables around you, jewels are difficult to find but never absent… Seek diligently and you will find it. There’s no rush. There was a time an older friend of mine said he disposed himself of all, I mean ALL the friends he had. You probably might be thinking he didn’t have much and that was why he could… No, I know him well to know the popular nature he must have always had.

And it must have felt like life was going to end, but he took the decision and made the choice with a bold step and here he is today…

A better him. So You can too… with Determination and Focus, you’d be amazed at what you can achieve.

Try it and Come Challenge me if it falls short of anything I’ve said to assure you here. I love You!

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