Keeping A Long Distance Relationship

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Keeping A Long Distance Relationship.

Hello guys. Yea, straight to business! LOL.

People most times mistake a long distance relationship for only those relationships with each partner based in different locations; states or countries. Well I’d say NO! Why? Here…. Imagine where two people in a relationship and same location/ state get to not see as they probably would have wanted. Stuffs happen… work, regularly arising occasions, business schedules and many more unforeseen circumstances. Hey wait, I know you gatcha make up your mind and always make time available to spend for each other but I tell you the reality of thing? It might not always happen the way you thought or expected or want… that my dear, is a given. You just have to be sure the relationship you have is what you want and then the work can fall in place, won’t always be easy trust me especially when times come you just want someone to meet up with, talk, show affection, cuddle with, hang out, and sometimes just share the moment with… just to be together. So yes, I can say that it won’t always be easy but make sure the efforts put to it are worthwhile and ‘necessary’. Knowing that it’s a mutual effort makes the fun in it achievable and eventually pay off, that is important – the joint effort; it really does take two to tangle.

A Long Distance Relationship sure hell works!
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Communication, I still insist and a clear, unbiased, honest one at that, I must say with no insufficient information and true openness, is key to all things… friend-ship, work-ship, court-ship, partner-ship, relation-ship… you name it – ‘’ship’’! #grinning.

You know, I’ve heard of some relationships that are treated like business (my opinion), but c’mon, where is it heard that dating couples, excitedly in love set down rules on how many times they’d meet in a month, already picked out locations and activities things supposed to be fun for them would be done!! Lawd! I don’t know if to be vexed right now 😉 . You have to be spontaneous, let this fun flow. Let there be uniqueness. Let there be something to look forward to and keep boredom off your lane.

Keeping your Long Distance needs individual effort and at the same thing a work-together by you guys in the relationship, making it effective with agreement while dealing with one. See some key things below I concluded should be in place for that to happen.

=> Constant Communication. Don’t take this for granted, and Dear, be expressive enough and as possible. Speak it out, be cautious tho, so as not to say stuffs to be regretted later.

=> Resolve disputes or disagreements immediately. This is closely connected to the first point. Where you don’t hold back on exactly how you feel about stuffs but making sure to be polite and at the same time understanding your partner’s point of view. Don’t be rigid. Don’t let pride or ego destroy something you should enjoy for a long time to come. Learn to say those magic words of sincere ‘‘I am sorry’’ even when you ain’t at fault, it saves a whole lot of stress.

=> Drive out Negative Thoughts. Don’t always assume a misunderstanding or a brief break in communication is the likely end of the relationship. Well let’s not be deceived here, a consistent and unlikely resolving rift in your communication especially when you can put a difference in the way it used to be and the way it is now can mean the relationship is in danger and an open eye should be set on that relationship to recover it. All things works with the mind. Making up your minds about wanting the relationship, and jointly working at it is a big-deal effort to the success of that relationship. Be open, Be free of doubts, Be Positive.

=> Never Assume. Never think your partner should know it. Never think your partner should understand. C’mon, we are all humans and bound to have our fair cut out share of emotions. Tell him/her how it really is. Make him or her understand. Also, don’t assume he or her is just not trying or putting effort or purposely doing something you think is wrong. Never ever assume, that thing destroys the whole thing even before it fully become.

=> Be calm. This one is a super power, lol. Could require a bit of energy especially when you have to subject your mind to not reacting immediately, but yes, it is very achievable and effective.

=> Irrespective of, try to be independent. Don’t make your partner the ‘all-center’ of your life. Hey, don’t misread this. Never do stuffs that could interpret for “I am single’’ when you are actually in a relationship. Ask for advice, support and backings from your partner but also have an independent mind that can make decisions. What of times your need to reach a decision on something and cant access your partner, do you now let such opportunities waste? So, you need to be strong (…and there for yourself) and be firm. I’m simply saying… consider your partner when making any decisions but also occupy your mind with pretty edifying stuffs to make your time productive and at the same time, Be your own person, You have a life; it’s your life, Live it.

And remember, when you finally get to be in each other’s company, make the most of the moments… let it be worth the while and strong enough to retain thoughts till the next meeting. I hope y’all indeed been having a fantastic week and yaayy… Sallah break gon make it all the more fun and enough time to cool off till another work-week starts 😉 . I love you.

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  • Phayvee
    August 31, 2017 at 2:30 pm

    Awesome piece. Came in handy. Thanks!

    • horptie
      August 31, 2017 at 5:02 pm

      You are most welcome. Really good to know… do stay in touch on-here.

  • ebonymedics
    December 14, 2017 at 1:21 pm

    Nice piece! 👍

    • horptie
      December 14, 2017 at 1:44 pm

      Thank you. I hope you got on one or two things there?


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