Renewing Your Long-Time Relationship

Renewing Your Long-Time Relationship.

That guy that just wouldn’t allow himself be separated from work because to him, a loyal, responsible guy’s gatta provide for his family! The ever busy mom… “I must take care of the house, put things to order, make everywhere neat and be the best wife and mommy in the house’’… forgetting you are still somebody’s babe and that sweet girlfriend. C’mon, you’ve still got a life!

So many things revolve round relationships and marriage that you forget who you’ve wanted to be… how sweet and attractive you’ve told yourself you’d always stay …. Such is bound to happen especially when the ‘’more’’ responsibilities start flowing in and as a good person/mind should cater for it, there you drift away. But you gatta take a firm mind-decision to constantly be reminded of staying young and fresh (not outdated) for your partner. I saw a movie just yesterday night – ‘’NAKED 2017’’ — even in old age you must promise to never stop proving yourself to your partner, promise to never stop loving your spouse, promise to improve on yourself but never actually changing how you’ve and cared for your partner. To me, that’s definitely not a bad one.
How can I get this guy to take a few moments off his regular? How can I get my guy to take a longer look at me… okay so what I mean here is spend more time assessing me, the new changes in me, more stuffs I want to do and the likes of it. Because the truth is, your guy not taking interest in you, doesn’t look/stare at you just might mean so many more things which my dear I say is talk for another day, Sorry.

So getting your guy to take off time aside the usual for you or should we put it as ‘for you both’. That would depend on the guy we talking about here because they each are different, with very amazingly different features, irrespective of being male. Plus, the underlining scenarios for each relationship sure hell differs despite the saying of ‘’there’s nothing new that happens under the earth’’; I for one have just come across very recently a relationship scenario I never would have thought could exist, dear, it was so daring. LOL.  And so, I can’t generalize/ prescribe tips that is expected to apply to all. You just would have to find out which would work for your man and in some cases woman #tongueout.

Those things you normally did when the relationship was still a ‘virgin’, lol … You’d have to attend back to them here. This might require serious think-back, depending on how long ago you newly got into the relationship. Like a fellow counsellor -Mrs Funke Felix-Adejumo- said and I quote, ‘’No man wants an old bride around, you just have to remember that you’re still somebody’s wife no matter how old you get and so you should never stop trying to make him happy’’. Never think you’ve reached the destination just because you guys are ‘locked-in’ on each other and so don’t see a reason for putting in more efforts to make the relationship young and fun. In case you’ve forgot, lemme remind you that even long-old marriages of 50years still crumble. You surprised and begin to ask what those ones still want a marriage for? I tell you, sex will wane and
companionship will become a big deal… then the path through this marriage journey will surface—how well you guys worked it out in your dating/courtship periods… then, you will realize how you should and need to ‘’Renew the Contents of your relationship’’ all year long!

Those very little, seemingly ridiculous things you did or noticed and paid quality attention to; maybe not voiced, but I tell you got your partner tripping all over. Nothing you do, no matter how small or insignificant it might seem that you do in a relationship is not unaccounted for, trust me. CHECK OUT my IG Page @horptie_counselling, I’d be dropping a video of some of these things you didn’t realize contribute(d) greatly to how well your relationship will be doing/has been doing. The closeness, the teasing, the hypes, the friendship, bond and connections you’ve built over the years in your relationship and dating periods will tell at the tail-end of your marriage. Then again I say, the communication, dependency-relationship, reliance you’ve had will come handy to making the whole thing solid and worth-while.

Hey Guys! You sure missed me… I think 😉 . Any gists you’ve got down there for me? … Do let it in *p .

Maybe this is for those who have been dating for long, you know, those that really feel they wanna take their time before fully committing/lock down in marriage(not like you a’int already if you are a faithful partner)… Or maybe this is for those already married couples and they just might have been feeling distant in their marriage-relationship. Well, that’s up to the individual readers locked-in on this write #smiling.

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  • Adedotun Adewale samson
    September 7, 2017 at 5:52 pm

    Beautiful piece from the stable of the maestro. We just can’t get enough ma. You are a mentor to a host of us. May you continue to grow in wisdom.

    • horptie
      September 7, 2017 at 6:52 pm

      Thanks so much for this… I’m glad to know I am making impacts. God enrich us all… Stay Blessed.


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