Celebrating Friendship


Celebrating Friendship.

I love my friends almost too much! Friends from way back growing up especially some at some specific moments in life most times would take credit for this unless of course some new ones who just are perfect at being good people and buddies… say yea if you feel me there 😉 . They can be friends like that, they qualify for the saying ‘Friends Indeed’. These people were around when they could have left, tho we obviously played our parts and that’s why it worked and for so long (we gatta give ourselves credit o jare) but still they can be said to have laid a worthy foundation for even these current new friends we’ve got which I bet just seem to keep getting longer and longer despite strictly telling yourself there’s got to be boundary #grinning. I for one just keeps have lots and lots of friends and can perfectly relate with some others as that, you know, now we’ve grown and are like we ought be more focused, just keep the tight friends and let others wander off… but I tell you, it don’t work… mine don’t work!

Friends/Friendships are there for those times needs, helps, necessity arise. You know, when you gatta rally around yourselves and just be there for each other and y’all can just snap and click and just make it all happen. Oh yes, it can be that good, it’s all just based on what kinda foundation y’all must have laid getting each other’s backs out there and that is why laying good past relationship is essential… can’t be over-emphasized, it’s a ridiculously small world, enclosing people yet large mass space. It’s that kinda world you can assume to predict and tack, with a click it’s all around the whole other way.
I can say its all just a privilege my new friends are enjoying now based on the near perfect foundation my growing-up friends have laid in place… give it a kudos to those who have helped make me a friend enough for you guys now 😉 . I can say that is part reason “I CAN NEVER LEARN’’, *smiling. I have had quite an experience when it comes to dealing with people, some bad ones too, even from some very new friends made, but that just never stops me from ‘being a friend’! You would say there that that should have taught me to be a better person of learning not to be too trusting, but I’d say… Aside it being maybe genetic, it’s who I’ve taught myself to became and I have not a single regret about it… Painful sometimes? Maybe, but in the end it just always pays off emotionally. I won’t be specific about any experiences here but I bet y’all must have had your share of it and so I call you Good People. J . It’s a gesture from the good heart you’ve got and I encourage that you keep it coming because that, the Lord wants.
_DSC4405To my many friends out there… you know I always got your back, thanks for being my friends. You make relating so much fun and very possible.

So now My Lovely Readers, here’s to you… Take out this time, reminisce on old times… Show some love to them-friends, text them, chat them up, whatever… just make sure to catch up on your friends today and just maybe the weekend can be used for hangout/ reunion because yes, we’ve all grown and so much more responsibilities have fallen on us….

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