Thinking round and round can make you come to a new realization and reassessing of a past occurrence… positively or negatively.

Oh yes, that and many more things are accompanied with thinking. Do we then say Thinking shouldn’t be done? I’d say, think but let your thoughts be rightly directed. Let’s rant a little!

So upon thinking one of the many recent free times I’ve got on hand right now, I “ran” into a thought. Here, lemme share it and I do hope to get some amazing feedback…

As it’s well-known, we all, one way or the other… in various forms, get to receive relationship or marriage counseling on how to choose the right partner, how not to marry the wrong person for you, how not to marry someone who isn’t in the same purpose-line or doesn’t compliment as you’ve been created for, marrying the will of God for you and on and on…
And at some point, you are told to pray about who you are currently in a relationship with, that if such person ain’t the Will of God for your life then such person should start misbehaving and doing stuffs that won’t make staying in the relationship bearable. Then you want to think of that as a clue that the relationship isn’t meant to be, that it is God’s way of telling you to ‘Let Go’ and stuff like that.

Okay here again, let me paint this other scenario… You are currently dating a kinda a partner who… (Should I say)… has had a ‘weird’ growing up. This person happens to have been through “hell” and back. Doesn’t give a damn shit, no two-thoughts about anything. Someone that can be rash in taking decisions and coming to conclusions about everything… takes everything however it comes because in the end, It should always sort itself out. So let’s say fortunately or unfortunately that kind of person began loving you… wants to give it a shot at having a whole different living and God help you, you didn’t know about the bringing up.

Then again, we have the counseling-talks that advise on how so many little stuffs can turn off a partner leading to rifts in the relationship. About how you shouldn’t become clingy, the don’t-be-too-easy for your partner, the get-yourself-some-fun without your partner to show some independence, the don’t-be-too-available for your partner to not look cheap and so many many “DON’T’’. And you come to think of all these and many other underlying counseling chats you might have had, Questions start rising in your minds that… How then do I show love? To what extent am I to show that I care? When is it right for me to stop over-pampering my partner with the show of love and attention? To what amount should I always make myself available to my partner? How am I to make up for the nonchalance of my partner without looking desperate? On and on the thoughts would go!
How do you think all of this should be balanced? How then can you justify how much care and attention you should give to your partner because you’ve always felt those are the ways to communicate your love…?  How available should you be to your partner’s calls and requests? How do you come to understand this kind of partner? How do you soothe such person and seeing through all these characters to the will of God?

Here let’s share views… Let’s see how we can help guide each other’s thoughts to doing this love-thing right #winks. Thank You!
Blissful Weekend Y’all 🙂 .

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