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Love Or Lust?

Love Or Lust?

There’s nothing I ever would say to you here and about relationship or life generally that you’ve never heard, then again I’d say… let’s take reasoning of things from another angle to give a little twitch to it.

Love … Lust … don’t be confused here, yes, they almost have the same pronunciation but are widely apart in meaning.

Permit me to take it from the “Lust” – This is as good as meaning pure infatuation, fleshy desires, crushing, physical satisfaction, sexual arousal, bodily craving, longing for pleasure and all the likes of these that are very temporal and almost unreal.

You feel this guy or lady is totally into you because it seems like they can’t resist the urge to touch you (as in your world now, touching means showing love bah? … my dear, I’m so sorry for you). When the issues start, I tell you, you sure won’t find them hanging around.

Okay don’t get me wrong here, there are times ‘love-making’ is like the only way at that point to express your feel of love for this person, so I’m not saying because you guys get physical it simply means it is pure lust… No, but trust me, there’s a lust for the person in that act. And so I’d need you to understand that there are so many things put together that defines real loving, yes, being physical can be part because let me tell you that from research, it has being concluded that there must be a strong physical attraction between you and the person you intend spending the rest of your live with. Where this attraction is absent is the very start of so many problems of that relationship, but don’t be silly to think that’s a key way to finding your live partner nor base the success of that relationship on the attraction you feel for each other.
Upon research also, it has been verified that for a guy, they almost would have an erection for every lady they see/meet except on quite rare cases where the lady in question do not appeal to them. So tell me ladies, can that be categorized as love? Will you then tell me it’s just you this guy wants and gets touchy-touchy for? Will you say that it’s a guarantee that you are the one for him or that you are the only one he wants to stay with? (I don’t want to be rude here but truth is I can’t help laughing at the shallowness of that thought!). It is a little unfortunate though that some people just misuse the opportunity they get from their partner who in the event of wanting to show the sincerity of their feelings get trapped in the swirl of emotions from their partner. But my dears, I say that is life and life would always happen… so, pick yourself, dust off and move on!. Get your act and shit together.

Love, Love… Love is sweet, Love is perfect (if there’s anything as that or the least bit close to it). It is the “Only” when stuff gets stiff or extreme. Love is much more than just the words spoken, it is the feeling shared and the action given… So I say, Stop CONFESSING what you think you feel and Start MANIFESTING what you know and believe!

Love is when you see something could be off in a situation yet you choose to trust (but my dear, I’d tell you to take your brain along!)
Irrespective of anything else, Love is everything desirable and of compromises made which you may never have to voice the sacrifices made (For this, I’d love over and over again in spite of hurts faced). Love is where your heart is and where that is, you’d always go. Nothing can hold love back and no way can anything get in its way… not pride, not ego, not time. Love can’t wait to give but Lust can’t wait to receive.

In all, Love is peace of mind… despite the in and out, ups and downs that comes with situations… LOVE IS GOLD!

Hey guys, I do hope you found this article worth the read. Tell me, do you think you can tell apart the difference of these two feelings in your emotions? I look forward to your responses. Thank you and lovely weekend ahead friends.

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  • Adedotun Adewale samson
    November 4, 2017 at 5:49 am

    Well the lust part of it is what our generation has taken to be love. May u ask you ma, how do you
    handle a situation where as a woman, you discover you are someone seriously having feelings for a guy who is already in a relationship and you know nothing concrete will come out from it yet you can’t help but want to try your luck?

    • horptie
      November 4, 2017 at 8:46 am

      Most people in our generation maybe….
      First of all, I don’t think you can be 100% sure that “nothing concrete will come out of something”. In a scenario like the above, let me speak generally … It is reasonable to ‘try out’ the feelings you supposedly think you have for this guy, there you can ascertain what the emotions in it is really all about but only to the point where you don’t hurt the next person.

  • Oluwagbemiro
    November 4, 2017 at 7:23 am



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