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Building Love

Building Love

So here again we are in another post-day #yayy! Yea, apologies on the delay of the excerpt I promised on ’’The 5 Love Languages’’, I didn’t forget… I only have been having exciting turns of events in my life lately and so the delay. Soon fam, really soon.

A gist has been circulating on my end and I’d so love to let you in on it, but before then tell me… How do you think love happens?

It can be so annoying when you’ve all so heard talks of how you just know someone is the person for you because there’s a tingling feeling whenever you see that person. Or the many tales of love-at-first-sight. Or the many relationships that go down the drain because the partners chose to convince themselves by saying ’’they never really loved themselves”. Or even those marriages that happened because they told themselves they had this strong, fierce sensation about each other. But in times I’ve come to realize that marriage is work, some relationships too are (even though that shouldn’t be necessary). The person you are with determines what the turn of your relationship would be. Here let me say this, In a relationship, it often times should be the guy doing the chasing and pleasing and all (I’m not saying ladies shouldn’t express such gestures but there should be an upper hand from the guy) because at that stage, the lady should feel a level of security in preparation for the next possible stage which is marriage in which case most works ‘might’ be in her jurisdiction.

The previous paragraph is often times wrong if not most, because love doesn’t just happen, you make it happen. Love as I keep saying is intentional, very deliberate and takes effort. It’s now up to you in the relationship to determine how long of that time you want to make it happen and stick.
Many of the relationships I have seen around me are those where they both have a serious liking for themselves and chose to make it work by growing the affection. It is taking those conscious steps to make what you want happen… and this is where the saying ’’loving takes effort’’ comes to play. It is not being forceful about your feelings but rather means devotion… commitment, to that person you have proposed to love. It is a choice to not stop loving that person. It is a decision to choose that person. It is building that excitement and making the feelings you have for that person count. It is choosing to let that person into your world. It is opening your total imperfect self for the person who has chosen to love and stay by your side. Loving is all you’d have it be except the gushing rush of feelings we’ve all been made to believe it to be.

I’d drop it here to continue from another perspective next week. To the gist… guys how far? I heard you all are fighting for my hand in marriage already… Well, the thing still never reach my side o… where the ring? #hehhe.

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