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In The Process Of Loving

In The Process Of Loving

Process in all cases, all situations, and all manners is gradual… anywhere, anytime and so in love, it’s no exemption.

The process of loving should be smooth and mutual. Loving requires the heart towards whoever is to receive. I beg to divert a bit here… loving someone isn’t always necessarily romantic, but while in the “process of loving’’, it is always romantic. Here, I love everyone around me, oh yes I do… only I’m in love with just one person… you get the difference in there? Yes, exactly that. I am romantically involved with someone doesn’t mean I stop caring for every other person around me, because love is without condition even when I can’t get anything from loving you, I still would love you and this is the kind of notion expected of from us all. But being in love with someone?  My dear, should be towards one person at a time.

Someone ever told you it’s not possible to romantically love more than more person at a time? Well, I say that’s not true. You can feel romantic love for as many as three persons at the same time,
but in that instance, you are loving all three for very different reasons and to my opinion does not classify as true love (I leave room for disagreement from you with your reasons because it counts here and on the blog). You can choose to love one person because this person gives you so much attention and love the other person for always being reliable and again love the next person for being open and sincere with you… all these are very different reasons that can cause you to feel love towards someone. In this manner is where being discreet and disciplined comes in. When you choose to be in love with one person, in that person is who you have to find all the reasons for staying in love. In that person is who you cast all your nest of being romantically in love. There you learn to be calm, to be patient, to accept and tolerate, to understand, to recycle thoughts and behaviors, to be better… and all these is a choice, it always doesn’t just happen. You put your mind to making it that way because it is now more than just you in the picture that needs caring.

There is a couple around me that I have chosen to keenly monitor as regards how they share affection. They happen to be in love. Well, that’s up to them to admit but in the while I have known them, it was all a deliberate work towards staying passionate to each other. They chose to recognize the liking they had for each other, then improve it towards the path of something more that they wanted using
friendship. Yes, friendship… that’s the key to any successful relationship and lasting love. It is knowing that you have a true friend in someone. It is knowing you can always count on someone to be supportive despite your faults. It is realizing you want to be able to keep solid grounds with someone that can correct you and at the same time draw you close in spite of all your wrongdoings.

Someone who would always be there, Someone who will choose to stay, Someone who would always listen to you, Someone who would keep your secret, Someone who knows when you feel weak and choose to encourage your strength, Someone who will stand with and for you. All these and more is how to grow steady love towards someone. It is all about trusting and mind/heart opening, coming plain to be accepted for who you really are, leaving nothing shielded. This is your willingness to let love in and I tell you, it is always worth it.

I still remain loving towards you,
Your Sweetheart.

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