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So I have this amazingly pretty friend who on-lookers can consider to have the ’’have it all’’ qualities in both looks and attitude, and here her boyfriend is pretty much okay… not extremely fine as you would have wished for someone as her, lol. So this relationship I am speaking of here is on the verge of a break up and the perplex is “Hey, Why Is He Still Cheating? He has got it all in this lady…

What Is His Stress or What More Is He Wanting?!!! And so many more questions rolling in the mind.

There are so many responses to give for the actions of cheating guys of which I’d share a little from my knowledge. But of course can’t be limited to these.

Some guys can be silly confusing, unpredictable, immature and unstable as many ladies emotional state has been described as from sample conclusion. So with a level of certainty, I say some guys can pass for that qualification but it takes a partner with an opposite attitude to compliment such persons. This though, would depend on the partner’s willingness to embark on such path with the guy.
From personal experiences and of course from my counseling sessions with ladies with such experiences, I was able to draw up the following reasons which are open to debate from my dear readers.

  • Some guys can be so discontent and insatiable. They just don’t know what they want, they are neither here nor there and so you just expect those kind of people to keep jumping around and wanting to try out everything supposedly new that comes around.
  • Some other guys just have the sheer desire to misbehave. Wanting their moves to be unpredictable. Wanting to be known as ’’popular’’ (notorious), the badt guy gang thing.
  • Sometimes, it is purely the ladies’ nagging and annoying behavior that pushes the guy to cheat. Taking it as an escape route for peace.
  • Not wanting to be deeply emotionally tied to someone for fear of heartbreak and other emotional issues sometimes makes guys want to cheat.
  • Some guys just cheat for the fun of it! Amazing right? Yes, there are some like that. They feel it as moments of pleasure knowing well what effect it could be having on their partners, while sadly some don’t even realize the hurt and pain and anger they are infusing on their partners.
  • And I think I need to drop here also that cheating does not always necessarily mean with fellow humans but can come in where you deprive your partner of emotional contentment by doing as opposed to how/what you should be doing. This isn’t popularly spoken on but i tell you, it comprises as an act of cheating.

Surprisingly I thought to ask some of my male colleagues at work on some of their own reasons and mehn the spill was something else. A number of them were quick to defend the action as ‘not-cheating’ rather they say that since it is “in a relationship”, that implies that they are still single and have that level of entitlement of wanting to find the best out of the many ladies they come across, and so many other reasons they gave.

Anyways, as always and as will continue to be on this platform for me… I’m throwing it out to you guys and look forward to your amazing comments and insights on this question, “WHY DO GUYS CHEAT”? because of course your opinions means a lot plus a wider sample range of experiences would do more justice and also, from the perspective of those in question (the guys), it would be more reasonable to draw up conclusions as they are the ones doing the act/ probably know mates doing it. This would also serve as a source of answer and help to other people needing advices on how to reorganize and consciously work on their attitudes… for the ladies to stop pushing out their guys and guys to start comporting themselves in this aspect.

So yea, I am looking forward to this weekend… it is a steal-away from work even though it is for a short while *smiles. I hope you guys have fun too 🙂  .

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  • Timothy Kolapo Oyeola
    December 7, 2017 at 12:03 pm

    Succinctly delivered, in my own opinion basically the reason why guys cheat is not a one-way reason because you know people can be complex so this makes the answer relative but I feel its actual not being contented with you as a person and ur partner which can actually be habitual or learnt from the environment or being influenced by peers or people they look up to.

    • horptie
      December 7, 2017 at 3:36 pm

      Yes I quite agree from that point of view. Thank you so much for this, I hope it links to readers and those who respectively need to know and take action.

  • maestromind
    December 10, 2017 at 10:05 am

    I like to see cheating as more of a personality thing than a gender thing.
    The ability and tendency to cheat is resident in every human being as human wants and needs are insatiable and humans naturally always want more… Not just guys… Humans generally.
    It now takes a lot of discipline and genuine love to be able to make a decision to pick one partner and stand by such even when we know that there’ll always be seemingly better options out there.

  • horptie
    December 10, 2017 at 12:20 pm

    Hmmm, this is quite another view and I could say I do understand this. And I agree, we all have to learn contentment and like I said earlier, seeing/building all the qualities you want in that chosen partner. Thank you so much for this.


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