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In The Heat Of It All…

In The Heat of It All…

What do you give permission to dictate your actions and reactions? Why flare up when you totally have no control over it? Why get or make others hurt when you could have reasonable talked it through? Why lash out when you know you still care? Why make room for regretful feelings when it can be worked on? Why the unjust reaction to something that was your fault but to avoid taking the fall, someone else gets the blame? Why not spill it all out to dissolve the hot silence?

In the heat of things is the moment to learn so many things. How is that possible… how does it work? Well here…

It is only reasonable to always stay logical. Why? We are different individuals with very different background and upbringing. Our ways of absorbing things, accepting things and doing things are apart. This is why we have to learn. Learning to tolerate, accommodate and appreciate someone other than ourselves. And this is irrespective of
Business team celebrating a triumph the kind of relationship you have with such individuals… it is called ’’living’’. Living right is associated with whether the other person receiving the action is deserving of it or not – which is what is expected of us all.

Choosing to remain unmoved, undisturbed and calm is a level of maturity that could take quite a while to attain but not unachievable. Acknowledging that not all people have reached or can reach that stage of maturity is a level of being wise. Committing to be good in all the circumstances that would be thrown at you from these underlying events is a level of patience. All these are essential attributes to being a better you and having a free-from-worry-and-hurts path to greatness.

Know when to speak… it saves life. Know when to stand your grounds… can be life/situation changing. Knowing when to show weakness… can be dignifying. Knowing to let it rest… can make room for new good chances.

I love you  🙂  .

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