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I got quite a number of feed backs and allegations leveled at me after my earlier post ”WHY DO GUYS CHEAT!?” on why my next post after that wasn’t about reasons for the other sex’s actions in the act. Contrary to what you’d expect, the report was from men in an attempt to make some other ”less than men” retrace their steps and become better partners in their relationships.

And so, here I am to bring justification to their course by putting up this post though not without help from their own point of view. Stay in touch and tuned!

  • Lack Of Vision was the first listed point and yes it got me, maybe that’s the reason I’m having it as my first point here so you don’t get drowned when the other points are shared. So, what are your long term goals? What do you set out to achieve in any kind of relationship you find yourself in (even a work relationship)? What is even the first hand motive of getting into it?.              In a romantic relationship, we know it may not always end up the way we want/plan, but still I insist that the basis for it should always be for something more than a fling or for passage of time. When one have a short sight/vision for the relationship you have/get into, you can be sure that every turn in that relationship would be wrong/ for the wrong reasons giving resulting factors as lack of commitment, patience, devotion, effort and many more that are detrimental to the future of any relationship. A lady’s inability to see beyond the present circumstances of the guy. Inability to see the hidden potentials in the guy… Do you see the guy as someone who knows where he is heading towards in life and is working hard towards it? Even if it doesn’t look it yet, can you see a bright future with the guy? Does he have good plans for the future? Has he shared them with you and you can’t see it or believe he can achieve them with or without your support? Or you wanting immediate satisfaction to your every want… You can’t hold still and watch God make manifest what He alone would permit? This drive just about makes you hop around looking for what is not.


  • Ojukokoro (otherwise known as insect-eye/long throat) LOL. This, grammaticized means ’’Covetousness’’. This is sheer desire to always possess, always wanting, never satisfied, always demanding, at some point can even be classified as ‘thievery’ #grinning. Not being contented; this is quite different from being genuinely ambitious for something/somebody with potentials. It is inability to stay put, invest, watch-grow/germinate into something full-blown after hard work, patience and conscious effort. It can also be in a situation where you start comparing your guy to another guy you met/know on levels on his achievements, or looks or the time he spends with you or his worth. This would definitely push you to lusting after the other guy because to you, seems like he has it all!
  • Lack Of Attention From The Guy. This is one very common factor that pushes a lady out/looking for something more. Okay ladies, there is that time for everything! He’s trying to build something for you both. He’s trying to have a solid standing financially because in the end, it is you who would be complaining from lack of it. Though it is seriously important to know the difference between ”something that matters and someone that is precious”, still we have to be understanding and patient. Also know the difference in a guy that is ambitious and the one that is overzealous and just not ready to commit because while some claim it is work-busy, there are so many more things that takes their attention than they are willing to admit (- phones, football, TV, friends of the guy, academics, etc.). There isn’t that one woman who wouldn’t thirst for that touch of satisfaction that comes from the guy being responsible towards her emotions and feelings needing attention. Work has its place of priority because it is in a way the sustenance of the financial aspect of a relationship. Dear, though it is no way compared to love or satisfaction to the heart as it can never fill or replace the feel of true love, still I say, give him that space he needs for balance.

Hey guys, let me drop it off here this week…next week, I will give the concluding part of this write up just so you don’t get put off by its lengthiness. What is your take on these few written? Let’s see how we can help a confused guy out there…It’s a Merry Season!

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