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In this season! How has it been with you guys? Mine has been marked out with so many activities that I have been too busy achieving to enjoy … but it is fine, because sometimes that’s the way to go #winks.

So still on the matter… WHY DO LADIES CHEAT!? Have you been able to come up with more reasons aside those we talked about last week … or we should just go on to those others I have on my list? Here…

  • Another one that comes closely after the previous point listed is – The Insensitivity Of The Guy. Some guys are super good in spending time with their partners but trust me when I say they lack in what really is ‘Spending Quality Time’. They are always there but never really feeling what’s up with the other person. They don’t really understand the technique of dealing with/getting involved with a lady and her emotions. Being sensitive requires a little more close attentiveness than just giving attention. It is being patient, knowing her needs, being responsive, tender, compassionate, aware, yes AWARE of something more than what’s on the surface that you’ve been presented with when it comes to her emotional state, needs and other little (almost seeming insignificant) details about her.
  • A guy being too bossy is another underlying factor that doesn’t seem like it but is it. Some unknowingly don’t know they have a dominating attitude while some actually can’t do without it and some others just stay bent on being naughty, still, it doesn’t justify the act of the lady cheating. I get the part the lady is unable to approach him for a conversation, can’t give opinion even for his progress… doesn’t mean you have to run to someone who could patiently listen without judging. What to do?     wrong Talk to your guy, make him understand and see things you don’t like that he is doing. Else, leave the relationship because I tell you… It’s their ego (not a justifiable reason too) but it’s a whole lot better than the emotional trauma cheating would bring. It’s not too late to drop that defensive guard and learn to really communicate and relate with that special somebody.
  • Revenge! This is a common way of stabbing someone you feel has wronged you. Never ever justify your reason for cheating on your partner with any other reason. I somewhat can relate to the pains of an heartbreak because in a few of my counselling session, there was a total break down in tears of some persons and me being an emotional person, was at liberty to feel… so yes I know it can be terrible, heart shattering but I will tell you something – you always would get back up once there is sincerity of apology from the guy backed with actions of not repeating it. Trying to get back at the guy is the wrongest way of wanting him to feel remorseful for hurting you, plus two wrongs don’t make a right.                                            Because the lady feels hurt or humiliated, she decides to (immaturely though) try to give the guy a dose of pain from his own drugs. But hear the bad news in it, Revenge has many ways than one that allows such actions backfire at and seriously doing lots of hurts without repairs to both the doer and the intending receiver. So please… FORGIVE it and FORGET, and with sincerity, NEVER make such act repeat itself.


  • Finally, from me of course (because I look forward to more of yours from your view) is – Unforeseen Circumstances… You believe somethings just happen unintentionally. You being at the wrong place at the wrong time with friend(s) and one thing leads to another, sensual feelings occur and you have/are cheating on your boyfriend already. This is why the scriptures (New Living Translation) says… Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course (events) of your life.

So in all, Take serious thoughts on every of your actions. Be reasonable, understanding, rational and logical at all times because what it seems might not always be what it really is. Get to know your partner’s behavior, that would help a long way to how you respond to situations that comes up, be there for them while they learn to believe that you really are there to stay. Also (for both parties), always remember… speaking up and really communicating with patience, not leaving the other person to assume or to find out on their own is the way to go in every relationship.
See you next year guys… I love you!

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  • Tosin Taiwo
    December 27, 2017 at 1:45 pm

    When women cheat, it affects their families in a lot of way.
    1. Their attention is divided and have lesser time for their husband and the children. Women don’t have extra Marital sex without being in love with the person or have a financial gain, this make them disregard their husband as women do not have capacity for” multiple love ” they either love one or hate the other.
    The man of the house, soon notice this and began to suspect the woman, then he loses concentration at work and became very unhappy and then things begin to fall apart.
    When women cheat, they do it with the whole of their being.
    Because cheating is never a Game on their part like Men, but that of emotional fallout or financial gain.

    • horptie
      December 27, 2017 at 2:23 pm

      Hmmm … I quite agree with some part but I noticed you are speaking only for the married ones . I beg to add that some other times, they cheat because sex from their husbands isn’t as desirable as they want.
      In all, yes… your perspective here says a lot on why a lady cheats and this needs to be corrected. Thank you so much sir

  • Safejoa
    January 29, 2018 at 9:51 am

    I believe there are exceptions to this point of view. In recent times, we see women cheat without loosing emotional attachment from their man. Also, a lot of women cheats cos they are either sex starved or not sexually satisfied by their man. Remember this sex partner they cheat with could be their employee, boss, colleague at work or even brother-in-lawn and not necessarily someone they are totally emotional into or someone they financially gain from. Weldone dear.

  • horptie
    January 29, 2018 at 10:14 am

    Very well said. That is a case i have knowledge of too, and sometimes it could be related to the guy not knowing how to satisfy her-his insensitivity, or just her excessive crave for sex.
    Thank you so much for your contribution.


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