Welcome Back – 2018!!

Let me usher you into 2018 here on the blog. You, my awesome readers have been amazing to me… your views, your comments, your likes, your attentiveness have done so much impact into keeping this platform going and alive, I feel wow! 😉.

As you must know has now become like a custom on this blog, we have our posts mostly on Thursdays…maybe due to uncontrollable circumstances that could shift from Wednesday to Friday to Saturday, but never later nor earlier. And so, for now, let’s just stick to our Thursday (so help us Lord). Yea yeah, I know some other blogs have theirs more often maybe even daily… But you’d agree with me, ours here have also always worked.

2018 promises quite a new level of goodies for this platform to us and so I say… keep your fingers crossed cos we gon indeed explore so much of it 😎.

Thank you for making me look forward to posting and reaching you guys(this gives me a level of joy I didn’t exactly expect, makes me want to do even more than I think possible!). Thank you for making me fulfil purpose ( there’s quite still a lot to be accomplished but for starting… I feel useful😄). Thank you for the aspirations that build and swell inside of me ( I promise to not leave it hanging). Thank you for letting me be me to you ( in spite of my so many “shiftings” here physically 😋, I’d get better).

I really do love you… You make me want to explore loving even more all the way.

Your Sweetheart,

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Hey there, welcome to my blog; a faith, relationship and lifestyle blog. Thank you for the opportunity to share my world and knowledge with you. Stay with me as we cruise and explore on life matters as it relates to me and you.

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