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Tales From Broad Day Adventures


Tales From Broad Day Adventures.

There’s the saying that to live a healthy life, goals needs to be achieved, visions set, priorities straight and to crown it, adventures must be encountered.

This and many alike thoughts are what keeps the vibe through the year and beyond. So when it was December, I just couldn’t wait to fully unleash the adventurous spirit in me!

Reminiscing on the many adventures I’ve read about and those I have imagined or watched… the exploring, doing something out of the ordinary; simply being crazy… I knew the opportunity for that had just shown up with the December festive outings I had lined up.

The year 2017 had been a little rough, in all aspect of living, I didn’t even realize it wasn’t just to me till I met up with some people this year 2018 and experiences started rolling in, but still it ended up almost too well from what I had envisaged. #smiles – What happens when God keeps showing up; One Way.
Fast forward to present day – December 25th precisely… yes, Christmas day. I know you all think it’s a norm to have fun on a special day as that, especially one publicly declared as free. It fell on a Monday (oh that feel that an extra day be given off work to rest), this fateful day was all work, house work anyways… the cooking, cleaning, receiving guests, running errands, delivering foods to neighbors and other works as this, well let me tell you, I had more – the mental work was almost more. There were events lined up for the rest of the week and so many calculations of things to put in place even ahead of time. I sure know you would be thinking right now how that counts for an adventure… working your head and mind out, your body not exempted, becks and calls all around … oh yes, it sure was an adventure that preluded even more on its way. Oh again, I forgot the emergency rush hour cake pickup at Cakes and Creams for the main adventure day. That was done on Friday, the 22nd, while I was struggling to loosen my hair! – things you do for family and responsibilities.
December 26th finally came – oh happy day! – My Church’s Yearly Youth Dinner, tagged Overtakers Youth Dinner, and we indeed overtook. The activities of this day started out from 6:30am where we had to convey at the cooking location – help out with the food preparation, advanced to venue setting, and then personal stuff as getting my hair done, nails fixed, but I didn’t get to apply my makeup till I got to the venue as I was behind schedule (a rushed makeover did the trick eventually). The idea and initiative of that occasion or any other set out specifically for that day was to share love, show love, receive affection but definitely not limited to that, it was to expressly connect with people other than your usual company of friends – and from my own account, I say it supernaturally always worked. I happened to have been the supervisor to one of the active units and also a committee member, so yes, a whole lot of work fell on me. I hardly knew how the activities of the event went because I was blank, too preoccupied with the assignment I was given there and being who am I, I wasn’t going to let anything slip out of place nor allow any side of what I was to cover take a blame, so yes, I worked my ass out there… there wasn’t time for fun, or catching up or food or anything else but my duty – so much for my adventure down there as it has almost never been in history that I miss out on real fun, hardly did I get to take pictures (that just shows the height of it as I can seem a freak). Still, enjoy the few I’m able to share with you on the blog which was taken after the event, feel yourself right in the moments with me because trust me, I had the beam feeling unconsciously in me while at it.
But it got better – December 27th came and it was official work time again, but there was a surprise in place… An outing to OMU RESORT CENTER to relieve the work tension of the year, yaayy! And that exactly was – The Adventure. So if you are based here in Nigeria, Lagos precisely is where that center is situated. It’s the kind of place you’d want to come with people as family, the atmosphere for relaxation, for cheering, for childhood bring-back memories, for meeting people (if you are the outgoing type) – so it was the perfect kind of spot for me! I had fun, lots of it… you bear me the pictures there did me justice #winks.
The scary rides, the swings, the paintball shots (I wish I could load the video of that really), the quad biking, the zoo; yes that – that was a sight tho, and other fun activities we were entitled to. That definitely made my year but guess what… We still had work going with calls and internet while at the fun fair! Let me still recommend, you should take a break from work or whatever it is you have working your energy in this new year no matter how little or short, because already, I have plans of that kind lined up for February #blushing. On getting home, quite late, I had visitors waiting – old time, long ago friends to wrap up the pleasant day… It indeed was fun. The emergency putting things together for entertaining, the changing cloths to ease stressed muscles, the catching up chats; the giggling at memories, the jesting, the playful vexing – the many benefits of keeping good relationships with people, you never can tell who would be there long enough to lift your spirit.
JUST GO HAVE AN ADVENTURE, exhilarate!!!! I’d always love you.

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      January 18, 2018 at 7:09 pm

      Thank you. You should take out time for adventures too!

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    January 19, 2018 at 1:44 am

    Oh yes… I need me an adventure like this… Good read!

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      January 19, 2018 at 7:58 am

      Go get it man! Thank you


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