My Personal Encounter, The Way Forward!

My Personal Encounter, The Way Forward!

Looking back to the life I left in 2017 just makes me reflect even more on what exactly I should have in the near future. Learning to move past issues, regrets, pains, guilt and betrayal is somewhat refined as Forgiveness. And then you realize that some basics must be followed to achieve desired outcome.

Journeying through life as a child have had its personal effect on how I’ve learnt to live life now. There has been the ups and down proceedings, the jollily and the many other sides applicable, but as they say… everyone has a story.

To have a good story to tell, actions need be made, hence my utmost advice for – A LIST. The list, as you then would have, is at your discretion.

I am one personality that … well, I do like emergency-happening activities. This not to say I don’t plan, No. I just don’t mind a shift in the order of occurrences, I embrace it as being reliable, flexible and divinely spontaneous. It just about gives me a head-start as an ability to flow and survive in this world full of crazes.
For wanting to put someone through what researches have clarified as ‘the way forward’, I just might as well walk in that path. So, I have A List (mine)… Unusually though, but I can’t keep doing things the same way and want a different outcome, there has to be an ‘’affect’’ to the course, then keeping the motion of it straight and right is the only way to get a positive different outcome.

My List for 2018 happens to be handwritten because I thought to myself, e-writing it might make me lazy of its pursuit. I won’t be giving a glimpse of it just yet because that is to be done as each step through it is achieved (don’t worry, I won’t flop, and I promise to remit – this year has to be better towards perfection). Most items on my list would be new, almost not something you ordinarily could have associated me with, but my dear, that’s the point for me… it is a venture into discovery, finding my liking, my flaws, my hidden desire and passions and just maybe purpose can be served via a ‘not-imagined’ means because I tell you, it is never late for self-encounter. A spec to my list though is letting you know it also consist of things I don’t want to do/ I won’t have happen
this new year or ever again #smiles. Yes, your the-list doesn’t necessarily have to be a ‘’to-do-list’’, why not try adding a ‘’not-to-do-list and experience if something can be done differently right #winks.

So, I pose, what would be new for you this year? Keeping in mind that mistakes are, should always be very welcomed.

Hey guys, do give an insight as comments that can allow us help one another, that also happens to be one of the objectives of my blog. Apologies on late delivery of this… I totally forgot yesterday was Thursday – a day for posting on the blog, lawd! I’ve had a truck load of work going on here for me even mentally and it seems it already has the whole year covered right from the first month… See You in February 😊 .

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