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I have had some really ‘shard’ experiences of recent where I realize in it, I’m neither here nor there. The moments in which I decided to shut my eyes, sometimes just to relax my lids and other times, in an attempt to catch a quick nap. While at this, I see I’m not sleeping neither am I conscious and the thoughts of what exactly could be happening to me starts slipping in… Where did the process transcend me to? (Here, I recall a movie and the whole theme – FLATLINERS 2017) #smiles. Was I meant to go up above from there but God intervened? Was I coming down with something I probably just haven’t found a name for? And trust me, on and on the thoughts would keep popping in.
You guys remember in my last post, some two weeks ago where I mentioned how seriously I would be taking this year? (So sorry about keeping you waiting on last week’s post, the days slipped by faster than I could keep track of). Making this year really occupied, productive and very different, this is one of my set down goals, which once again I advise should be a guide for us all… So yes, my busy year theme has started and though seeming early, but I tell you, the above grafted experience of mine in the first paragraph is also just getting started.

Sounds like dying? Seems like a soon-to-shut-down process? Or feeling like an imagery? That, I leave for your conclusion.

Digging up some of my past medical findings, I am warned again to remember the very importance of adequate sleep. How the most one can survive without sleep is eleven (11) days. For emphasis, let me break this down to you…
a human body is programmed to ‘exist’ during the day and wired to ‘shut down’ at night, even nature understands this language; Animals: No Exception. So you tell me you can cheat around by just having one hour – two hours – four hours sleep then filling the rest of the day with mental tasks? My dear, it is soon to be ‘’Grave”.

One can decide not to eat adequately or at all considerably for as much as forty (40) days, with some aiding factors to this such as the presence or absence of dehydration, and so weighing levels of survival can be guaranteed. But with sleep deprivation comes so much more than bargained and possibly handle-able, these soon to be ‘’Near Grave”.

Grave is Death packaged as pearls for justification of peace – LurpEe.

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  • Tosin Taiwo
    February 8, 2018 at 11:11 am

    We all cheat on nature many times, only when it catches up on us… Then

    • horptie
      February 8, 2018 at 1:14 pm

      True but that should be worked against consciously, All for our own very good. Thank you for dropping by.


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