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February, The 14th!

February, The 14th!

This day sure rings a bell each time it is heard – as a day after the marked horror day; 13th, and one whose product would be seen November 14th, #grinning.

It’s a day set out in the calendar to signify a different act from the usual to all meaning persons. The 14th, official RED day – the proposed heart match make season of fondly gestures… oh how I love to love 🙂 .

Contrary for me though, it was an ordained crazy busy ass day! There was ‘fun’ in the mysterious kinda way, the kind you unusually have location and time deadlines to work with #pheeww.

Okay, so I liked that yesterday was different; frustrating? Oh yes, but it allowed me
experience a feel I thought I had outgrown. I know there’s always going to be, even if it’s the least bit evidence of a dropped habit, it has to be there to allow you reassess your original reason for stopping it and get you to actually stay conscious to keep above it, that reminder should always be welcomed, for indeed we are humans.

Yesterday for me was a day to remember to always be loving irrespective of my own burdens, my discomfort and the unpleasantness at that moment. The moment to always get ‘right’ my emotions, and just stay plain calm and KIND! And in all, the moment to remember TO LOVE MYSELF.

On another level of gist, I got an early vals gift from someone who wanted to just love me for the day, and at the same thing I decided to drop a love hint too in material, food actually… yes, I shared my food with someone on vals day. Another thing I consciously did was to spend more than I normally would have. As a very prudent person, I decided to get something for myself – edible though cos I didn’t want to be too-out-of-budget, but I bought something I could have gone without and also, I gave a token out. I think little things as these counts. Not always because the next person is needy but sometimes just to spend a little time, even if it’s in silence or short giggling, to tell of how valued each human is to the very next person. To give a sense of belonging to an emotionally immersed neighbor. To love. To care. To appreciate. To accommodate. To pull along. To
stand with. To hold unto and up. To be good to…. And today, a day after the official RED date, I’ve been promised a treat at the pizza spot #yaaayyy! I think you can join me, it’s with ice cream o #teethout. Wondering why I’m blushing yea? Even though I’ve actually had this snack quite recently, there’s always a different touch when it’s from someone else’s kind gesture reach out, for reals. Try extending that kind of act to someone around you and watch out for the every reaction of appreciation this person would pose and you would always want to keep showing care to the people.

In all, it is a real Valen-‘TIME’ I’m having… 🙂 !

You want to give us a glimpse into the turn of your yesterday? Please do feel free to, let’s wallow in the ocean depth of your fun.

Your Sweetheart,

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