For Love is the Most

For Love Is The Most.

“… for there is no greater of the three but Love” (1 Cor 13:13).

“You don’t love because: you love despite; not for the virtues, but despite the faults” William Faulkner.

When you claim to once love somebody, what were your reasons? The once blooming spark now faded, what were your efforts? The almost unimaginable beam of fondiness now lacking, what changed?

I happen to be a total believer that love works everything. A seeming irrational thought? An unrealistic façade? A fairy tale? An immature sight of life’s overall view?

Then you say, maybe I need a rouse!
In a large-sized family, where there are different attitudes and behaviors, some will definitely provoke you to affect your peaceful state of mind; how do you then live in harmony? Knowing you would always have to relate with these people and realizing that their presence in your life and path is inevitable, you must understand that you must make peace; not just for your sake but also for theirs and the world in general.

In a marriage – the stage of no escape route for your impatience, the beyond cutting tiers stage; how do you justify peaceful existence in the house? How do you bring up responsible, mentally stabilized kids? How do you co-live to bring forth purpose? How do you give room for achievements, decisions and ideas?

In the society, where many lack, where intimidated people hide, where hands are stretched out for lifting, heads down in shame, where hearts are hurt, bruised minds needing scavenging, broken mentality; how do you help heal? How do you commit your quota for the repairs? How? How? How do you show relevance of self and prove evidence of humanity’s relevance. How do you aid the esteem of these people?
There will be fights, arguments, disagreement, maybe anger, dislike, mistrust; how do you forgive all these at the stages it surface?

How do you let go? How do you let God and allow Him take His place? How do you overlook? How do you forget? How do you never stop caring? How do you associate? How do you communicate and correct? How do you… the many moving on, the moving past and moving forward and about?

Think it through, but my conclusion – ONLY LOVE BINDS ALL. Love is the silhouette in terror and horror. Love is the moving force of changes. “A loving heart is the truest wisdom” Charles Dickens. Love is the unspoken-of passion of truthful and grateful hearts. Love, Love, Love… The Peace Of It All.

…“for Love is the most” rope to being good and kind – Love Unites!

I love you always,

Your Sweetheart,
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