A Plea For (Your) Cause


A Plea For (Your) Cause.

It is another bright new day guys. So far, the week has been busy but awesome 🙂 . As I’ve had my fair share of good advice, constructive feedback, peer support and counsel, uplifted spirits and you bet, God’s unlimited grace accompanied with an amazing, assuring peace!
Let me spread a bit of the happy boom across…
So, I came across a clip by Joyce Meyer… Heard of her before? – The Charismatic Christian Author and Speaker, President of Joyce Meyer Ministries. Personally, I call her “The Messenger”. Allowing yourself the optimal utilization by God ain’t no small course, and to a very large density – It is totally fascinating.
The clip teaches on how much the love of God is immensely demonstrated. How, what we do isn’t a determinant for His reactions to us and our lives. How, going forward, only His will does count. How, in the end, His blood ‘did’ it all, and much more. The one striking thing I could pick from the clip is…
(You know how you’ve always known something but it seems like it was saved in the back-store of your brain and how one slight thing is all you need to trigger and bring it back to life? Yes, that was what I felt.

deep thoughts


As though I had indeed forgotten or like I never knew before). How – even before we do these horrific things, God alreee–aaady knew we would do them. How in the world? Right!??
Here, let’s take it from the beginning (because that was how I did and could only keep marveling at how amazing God is).
You know those moments you very briefly conceived being evil #hehehe, and mehn, you probably were able to discard or couldn’t and just ended up committing it… And then there are those other times, you never even considered the possibility of it happening, and then the terrible deed is done, and you’re like ‘What!?!!’, “Where did that even come from?!!?”
At that point, you realize that you need to get down on your knees before “the cross”. And then, you, being perplexed, try to think of where the action possibly originated from, eventually coming to the ever available conclusion that – Life Happened.
(You’re probably trying to rationalize how this relates to what I’m driving at, right? Just hang in there.)
You know those moments you want to justify your reasons for doing something, whether good or bad? (Okay, particularly bad. Lol). At that point, it’s like you’ve been condemned for that seemingly despicable thing you might have done. Like there isn’t a way around doing better because of the wrong deed done. Where it looks like there isn’t a remedy to how you can be rescued from the past.
Where forgiveness is seemingly way beyond reach. Or where, in the height of it, the world wouldn’t allow you the space (opportunity) or air or atmosphere; to let go of what ugly or “unrighteous”; (dirty and sinful) act they are scolding you for, which you might have committed and they are aware of.
Sit back, reason, process your thoughts, acknowledge the marvelous fact. Where, despite your quest for a justification of why things turn out the way they do; and of how to move past the hurt and guilt, the worrisome ache of how to get back on your feet…
Know, there is a far-stretched outcry, pleading your cause, as It has all been paid!
In the Extreme End Board: I know this might seem a bit different from my usual posts, but I want to disclose that I try to share practicable lessons, from various sources of inspiration cutting around different fields and aspects, so… Expect More Of The Unusual but Definitely Impacting as The Lord Wills. #winks. I love you always!
Shout-Out to my New Editor, I call you “Tee” on this platform; such a blessing!!
Your Sweetheart,
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  • NaijaFreshGraduate
    March 8, 2018 at 11:39 am

    As I read, I couldn’t help but remember those things. Those things we do and then wish we didn’t… Sigh
    And I was having this discussion with a friend last week. I said, “nothing I have done, or will ever do, is enough to make God love me anymore less!”

  • horptie
    March 9, 2018 at 8:24 am

    You can say that again; absolutely NOTHING! His love is infinite, it is total, it is forever and ever! May He help us to stay true and faithful to Him always in Jesus Name.
    Thank you so much for dropping by!


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