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The Rigours Of Charisma; Women’s Affair!

On my way to work this very early morning like 7:01am, in the usual traffic; though it was bright enough already to see even the tiniest things clearly… just to my right hand, there drove past a Honda civic which had a mature woman (apparently a mother) driving it. She was fully kitted with her perfectly ‘layered gele’, classy accessories and face beat on fleek. Then I remembered it was indeed Friday, a day most people select for wedding engagement ceremonies in Nigeria.

But another thought came to me almost immediately; I’ve had a complete make over done on me (by a professional makeup artiste for a photoshoot) and mehn it wasnt funny; no less than 3 hours was used! – Is it the total hours it took or the neck pain I had to endure while at it; that was even before the ‘gele’ tying stage o. Or is it the steadiness one must maintain? (As a person in a hurry can’t afford that calmness!)

And I’m like (in my mind obviously, lol), how, in the world did she get it done? Could she possibly be going for an engagement; but at that time? So I quickly peeped into the car to have something I can relate the whole ish to… lo, I saw the car tag of a very prominent company hanging on the rear-view mirror; then I understood!

The labour of needing to present yourself in line to your status especially at work or social events, the need to ‘meet’ up to expectations with appearances showcasing forth your net worth.

Lawd! – The Rigours of Charisma- . Because, judging the process of how long the whole ‘putting together’ must have taken would only leave you wowed! Or, how do you verify that the professional make up artiste didn’t sleep over at this lady’s place just to be able to deliver aptly? ‘Cept of course the “doer” is originally a resident at the lady’s place. But mehn… the waking-up time for both of them!? – taking their bath, dressing-up moments… Then to be on the road already by 7:00am? Women, I give it to you. Kudos!!!! *demonstrating it*.

It’s still intact; it is our week – … HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY!! I so so love us 😁😁😊🤗

***You need a make over? Holla!😁**

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  • Funmi
    March 10, 2018 at 4:01 pm

    I can relate 😊 We are the bomb!

    • horptie
      March 10, 2018 at 4:21 pm

      Always! Thank you so much for stopping by 😊


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