Child – Girl – Lady – Woman – Mother – MY MOTHER!!!

Child – Girl – Lady – Woman – Mother – MY MOTHER!!!

From a Child, she watches as her mother does; learning, acquiring and gaining as much in knowledge and experience for emotional, physical and financial stabilities.

As a Girl; she adapts to environmental changes and challenges, then gets moulded into a sustainable frame, a unique work of art able to endure all conditions and overcome all challenges.

As a Lady; the struggles of shining; to be outstanding even amongst peers led to self-development and improvement and further more Independence.

As a Woman; she watched her husband make ends meet; she pushes through life as a helper, joining forces to bring up happy, strong and healthy kids.

As a Mother; she feeds, clothes and stands the night-watch, PRAYS to see the family through in one piece.
She’s rare; a diamond from the ‘dusts’.
She’s sweet; a pleasant taste from amongst sour experiences.
She shines; a gold mined out of deep ‘dirt’.
She’s huge; standing tall from amongst obstacles.
She’s glows; as a box lifted, outweighing trucks of challenges.
She’s light; a Christ-like heart caved from tumbling rocks.
She’s fragile; as of one who deeply feels and knows what it means to want/need.
She’s strong; polished out by perfect hands – God, for my support.
Made to perfection; from the finest of wines.
She’s beautiful; plain for prudence sake yet rich from all of life’s lessons.
She is clothed in worn-out of rags for my sake.
Chins lifted but heart bowed (humble); for she won’t stand a toss of mockery fire passed at me – always looking out for me.
She’s everything and so much more as the Lord has placed her high in responsibilities.
She’d do all, that I may shine bright as the Lord wills for righteousness sake.

Iya ni Iya mi, No one compares to you!

She is; My Mother…

Oh, How I love You.

N.B: I know this; every single person has a story of praises and acknowledgements and thanks to tell of their moms; and so, to ALL MOTHERS (in reality, in spirit and upcoming ones), I dedicate these soothing and encouraging words – You Are The Best! Your sacrifices are not in vain. Without you in our lives, we would be lost. CHEERS 🙂 .

Your Sweetheart,

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