Would You Let Me See Beneath Your’ Beautiful?

Would You Let Me See Beneath Your’ Beautiful?

Anyone remember that line in a song by Labrinth ft. Emeli Sande? Well yeah, that’s the inspiration for today’s post. Okay so no, I might not exactly write on the message of the song, I’m simply saying; I sat by my system on Tuesday and I kinda didn’t know what to speak of on the blog because I wasn’t feeling any of the items in my archives… fortunately the lyrics of that song dropped on my mind and voila, I’m going for it!

It crossed my mind that many personalities are shown but very little characters are seen.

Does that line seem like a mix-up?

Here … how many persons can we confidently vouch to know in and out? Like how many actually let on who they can be under duress; how they can handle depression; how they can prioritize; how to take on new life’s lessons without revolting; how to be normal and rational in seemingly magical moments; or how to bend when necessary just to cheer the next person on: especially in the case of Learning-To-Choose-To-Be-Kind-And-Not-Right.

How can you expressly define the next man to you ’cept you see him for who he really is. Sometimes it is about what the person allows you see of them, but most times, it involves you seeing beyond what they can present to you then coming to your own conclusions from (/of) it. It involves you being deeply understanding (against all odds), as well as being totally objective and rational in your assessment of this person’s being before you can indeed say with assurance that this is how the person exactly is.

These were my thoughts when the title of this article first popped up in my head…

Fast forward to when I decided to listen to the lyrics of the song again #teethout.

Ever wondered why so many people have gotten lost in the personality they craved for themselves? Like why in the world will a very good person suddenly go bad and hard? Or why a fragile person now seems solid and untouchable? Or how unmoved and remote a once nice person can suddenly turn after a bitter experience from the occupants of the world… how then do you expect such person to “Let You See Beneath Just Their Surface Appearance”, or how do you expect such persons open up to you knowing their true self when that has once caused an almost irreparable cost of their flesh and total being.

I say we stand strong together to make the world a better place! Who’s in? Good.

Let’s take this in turns;

In a Relationship; it might not always work out… in fact most times, except there is a will to pull through after of course considerably weighing so many factors: I quote ‘Aunty Chinny’ from twitter; “Just because you’re both Christians doesn’t mean you should date. And it sure does not mean you should get married. Compatibility, mindset, long-term goals and vulnerability still matter. I see too many people forcing it (relationship) because they are both Christians”! – I hope that quote was explicit enough?

So what I am driving at here is, knowing what you want, going about it, also who you want on that journey with you or who you want off that journey basically is about how wisdom is applied in such a way that still allows you to achieve your desired goals yet keeping good contacts and communications going, as well as having enough sense to not hurt yourself and most especially the other party involved.

In Friendship; you think you don’t owe nobody some explanations for your actions and reactions? You feel it’s just a mutual benefit kinda communication – the ‘instant’ I-scratch-your-back-you-do-the-same-no-future-benefit/attachments, and so you can just pop-in on someone one minute and the next minute you are off it? Dear Oh dear, I really am at a loss of words on what to say to you!

How in the world; the whole basis of which anything even exists: Friendship – do you mess around or toy about with hearts that stays good to you all for the short-term gains you by privilege enjoy?

You are goddamn right… nobody is specifically entitled to anything by right; it is mostly out of choice and free will that the parties of a friendship exchange values, but when it becomes an intent in the heart of one party to trample on the emotions and good-wills of the other party, I say, you got the pushing-you-out-from (/of)-the-life of that person coming on soon.

In the family; as much as you presume you stay together with someone, or that you guys are blood-related, or have come a long way with them; still doesn’t justify them totally opening up to you. Sometimes it’s about who you yourself are or have been towards them, or the true feelings they have towards you, or the level of freedom they’ve come to gain from being around you enough to dictate how they want to be seen by you.

At work; where almost all of your time is spent: your colleagues can basically be called your work-family; the level of rapport, your rapt attention to details concerning business partners and in-house workers, the extent of value you place on them or the height of value you impact in them, the after-official period communication all would determine how-if-possible and how much more you get a peep into the real-life of these people.

The World at large and in general; mehn If I was merely being told of how so minute this world actually is, without the evidence of (/from) my own experiences, I probably would give you “a-Go” at behaving just the way you like without reasonable consideration of where that can lead you or how the tables can so easily be turned or how life can happen and

karma can take place. But No! I’ve had so many crazy experiences of how so easily things can happen in a flash, of how someone from the past can resurface in your life in the blink of an eye, of how things done in the past can be re-encountered moving forward except by the intervention of the Grace of God … and you tell me to not let you understand you have to be the best version of you at all times???

No, I am a friend, your good friend at that, who has promised and would stand by it till the breath fades; to be true always and sincere and rational and practicable to you… And so, I say… Do Unto All What You Want Them To Do Unto You (and they would open up more to you).

Do have a hitch-free day lovelies.

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