Talking About Priorities…

Talking About Priorities…

You, yes you reading this happen to be “tops” on mine and for this, you are deserving of knowing what my schedules are.

Going back in time to one of my earlier posts this year, I’m sure you will recall something I wrote about having a lot set out for this year. So yes, I’m on my words, keeping it real.

Only that I can’t help but to not blog for this period and being here for you for a 4-weeks period.

I know I lag behind right now with me just putting up this particular post, and so I say “I am so sorry”. But as you know this – It is always Better Late Than Never…

Better late than Never to get off that toxic relationship. Better late than Never doing it when it comes to pursuing that career path.

Better late than Never in fulfilling purpose. Better late in leaving that stressful, unsatisfying job than Never pushing to doing what you want and love doing. Better late than Never in seeking passion. Better late in turning off that alarm clock because you feel so lazy than.

Never because you know how disturbing its persisting ring can be to your hearing and those around. Better late than Never in being consistent in a strive for perfection. Better late in procrastinating than Never eventually doing what needs to be done..

For this, I push forward a plea to be off here a while pending the execution of something you’d be so pleased to hear about (which I already promised to state by year-end).

Thank you soo much…

Remember we celebrated two (2) sweet years blogversary last week Thursday yea?

It has only so far being because of you and about you, Yes! The festive feeling is still on auto here – I Love, Love You My Readers!!

For everything; the advices, the encouragement and all of what you allow my write-ups do via the blog – I am eternally grateful for the opportunity and privilege I’ve got doing them all.

Furthermore, to God the sustenance; giver of life, strength, wisdom, knowledge, ideas, instruction and guide, opportunity and way-maker, overall pusher and encourager: in whom without, we can do nothing! I give All Praise, Adoration and Thanks.

See you in a bit lovelies…

Your Sweetheart,

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