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Is This The Way To Live!?

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Is This The Way To Live!?

Can you imagine having to wake up every morning and groaning in pain? Can you imagine having to nurse your every joint aches? Can you imagine waking with a swollen face all day through the week? Or the process you’d have to go through to apply enough makeup to conceal the scars? Can you think of ways to relieve the heaviness your heart is burdened with when you remember the next series of violence you’d be made to go through?

It hurts. It hurts so bad that it cuts through every vein in me. It hurts so bad that it crushes what little nerve I have left in me knowing what agony this is to you.

This anguish is the situation a lot of families go through in their respective homes; because in the real sense, they are in pain. They go through different forms of violence and they are unable to speak out about them. They are forced to endure this condition because of seeming “good reasons” like keeping the home together for the children’s sake; funny right? They are held down by the surrounding situations they find themselves in, which in turn keeps them bound on the spot they are in.

Pains are encountered by different categories of people, in various sets as sex, age, etc, and also in multiple forms. It can be afflicted upon persons physically or verbally but always know that any abuse is an abuse on emotions which in the end is disruptive on the mental state of the affected.

Let’s see how we can go down this lane of the conversation together…


Our women are like everything to us. Yes I literally mean everything.

Where do you think you’d be if not for women right now? Like, in what planet in the universe will your existence be found if the earth was not provided with women who bore you?

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Yet they are forced to tolerate the many manipulative ways of life just to please the world. Where they are convinced that they are placed in a position to do all to satisfy their loved ones even if it means endangering themselves – These thoughts are from our mothers who, while trying to be considerate of us had taken upon themselves enslavement. These are the current house wives who in a bid to secure the kids’ future, go through hell. These are the present-day wives who forget what it truly means to live; who allow themselves to be trampled upon all in the name of saving the reputation of their first family. Yet they claim to be in love or to be loved by partners who see no harm in disregarding them and belittling their worth daily; Women.


Like, will you in your wildest dreams imagine how much horror some parents can imprint on their children’s bodies? Or those crazy relatives you think you are lucky to have and could come in handy on days you need a babysitter; the manner in which they can maltreat your children? Or worse, days you need a shoulder to lean on: an extra help to look after your babies while you recoup from the instability and insanity of whatever situation you may be dealing with at that time; then you find out what sort of pains and trauma your kids have been made to experience.

Husband and Wife arrested for abusing 13years old nephew in lagos.

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Not to think of kids who actually have no persons to fall back on, when the people they are currently staying with and who are responsible for their livelihood decide to show the brutal side of who they are by committing almost irreparable havoc/damage in their lives. Still, they have nowhere to go and enduring it seems like the only plan they can hinge on.

Some people seem to forget the law of karma; how life knows how to ‘catch up’. The only unfortunate thing about karma is how those who did the bad act may not be the direct recipient of the consequences; how that along the line they repent or a direct descendant of them who probably is innocent would end up being the ‘victim’.

In the times of their bad deeds, they tend to forget that aside the physical afflictions they inflict on these kids, it lingers on to affect their mental and emotional state; Our Babies.


Those that stay put in toxic relationships, how do they do it? On a serious note right now, I think I need somebody to ‘logically’ analyze it for me just maybe I could encourage someone who might be in it! #pheew.

I really dunno. Is it the sex that is too sweet or the money that is too good that they don’t mind jeopardizing their lives, or what other thing do you think they feel is at stake that they don’t see a big deal in the risk they place on their eternal selves!? The ultimate endangering of self, lawd.

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Speaking from my experience, mehn that thing is stressful. No matter the depth of romantic love I am feeling for that person, I see me just ‘sinking’; wallowing in emotional distress, instability, inability to concentrate or achieve anything or perform (even in that same relationship) – that thing is ‘slow’ hell. Exhausting; takes you to the brooding state – non-purposeful. It totally changes you; who you are, who you’ve been and who you should be.

I know a lot of these happen majorly to the ladies; the beating, the cheating on, the emotional and mental imbalance… you name it.

Rare case scenario though, but you’d also be amazed to know that some dudes too find themselves in that category of abuse.

Remember to note that Domestic violence is emotionally related too. The guy then claiming that the sex with her in particular is too sweet to leave… are you kidding me right now!!? Gross. So irrational, stupid thinking. Well, that is my take on it… what’s yours?

I am on the verge of tears right now. I am still very shaken by my inability to comprehend how this happens around us and we are fortunately aware of it but we unfortunately pretend or choose not to be.

I have recently been exposed to various clips which have kept me informed about some brutal happenings around us even in this part of the world.

A lot is happening. Too much is going on, yet very little of it do we care to know of. Very little is brought to our attention and we don’t care enough to reach out a helping hand to those little ones we know of. We snub or put on a non-challant attitude to something hurting our fellow beings around us. We shun the daily loud wails coming from the next gate. You ignore the screams and shouts of struggling. You turn a deaf ear to the yelling and wailing in pain you hear coming right across your window. You turn a blind eye to the visibly shaken woman who now uses long veils in an attempt to conceal some vital appearances of swellings all over her body. The lady who use to be extremely friendly and interactive has now become jumpy at the slightest of movements around her.

I mean, a then super-active child is now withdrawn and you don’t think you should approach or question the sudden change in attitude? You don’t think you need to gather information from the child in an attempt to find out what changed? You sit around with the resolution that all things would be made visible in its own time.

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Forgetting that it could all be too late. Forgetting that the deed could be long done and without opportunity for amends. Not realizing that there may not even be a person to stand up for in the end because the circumstances you chose to stay silent about has found its way through to them.

Or that the lady who you see from afar with your guts telling you to move closer was soon to face a dead end? She just needed a listening ear. She just needed some sort of attention. She just needed advice – Just one might have done the trick; Just one would have given her “light”; just one would have enlightened her as against the others she knew of; just one would have told her the difference between staying hooked to a man that really loved her and staying with the man that would go as far as doing anything (terrible things too) to keep her bound to his side.

Just one advice; a piece of carefully chosen wise words or action that would have smoothened it all out; the kind that would have saved, held lives together from the trauma, saved ultimately from death – the kind that would have made all the difference.

Oh what a cost to pay. What a loss to bear. One whose price may even be greater than death where the dead person also would be a ‘lost soul’ at the feet of our Lord Jesus Christ. And lest you forget that there are many ways to dying than actually being dead – the lingering pain, the mental frustration, the guilt, the irrecoverable balance and the eternal loss of life to the devil – Hell.

Be mindful. Be watchful, pay closer attention. Those seemingly little details could save a life. Care a little more to take out time to compliment that person. You never can tell, they could be waiting for your strike of a conversation or action to break their cord.


Feel free to add other sectors you think domestic violence can occur and ways to notice, and then intercede. Thanks a lot for taking out time to be here, I love you.

Your Sweetheart,

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  • Ayo
    January 1, 1970 at 1:00 am
    • horptie
      June 30, 2018 at 10:26 pm

      Thank you so much for the details passed(you guys can view it in the lower part of the comment section/better still; AYO could help repost if you are reading this, thanks). It just confirms how possible it’s occurence is to guys. I’m so so glad you shared, it will further enlighten us on just how to deal with domestic violence in whatever form it appears. Thank you so much for your time here.

  • Obinna Anyaibe
    June 28, 2018 at 4:03 pm

    This is sad, very sad. Domestic violence is the topic of the day every day; most of us know this, but because the victims aren’t in anyway related to us, we turn a blind eye to their plight. That picture you put up, the one about that kid whose uncle and aunt abused him, put me in moods. This is DEFINITELY not the way to live.

    • horptie
      June 28, 2018 at 4:30 pm

      Exactly… we then play ignorant! That picture, I almost didn’t believe it was real myself but the source is absolutely reliable… It is well. My heart reaches out to all in it and hope they find their ‘escape’ really soon.
      Thanks for your time here.

  • Sunday Akanni
    June 28, 2018 at 4:31 pm

    Great write ups! Ride on.

    • horptie
      June 28, 2018 at 4:33 pm

      Thank you for reading…

  • horptie
    June 30, 2018 at 10:19 pm

    Hey guys… apparently somebody named AYO dropped a valuable comment on this post but the site messed up with it appearing. I’d just repost below exactly how I got in my mail –
    Thank you Horptie for bringing our notice once again to this matter. It’s indeed very sad.
    I have even seen a case of child abuse where the boy’s ribs were broken from punches and stomping of the feet on his chest. It could be as bad as that, people are that heartless.
    In my opinion, some parents or caregivers, even partners in relationships are mentally unstable, hence the rationale behind their devilish acts.
    Some do it because they experienced the same growing up or was done unto them in their previous relationship(s).
    I’m speaking from experience though. I once had a girlfriend who abused me physically and even verbally. The first time she slapped me, it was like a dream. Even my mum last slapped me when I was in secondary school. Well… In case you want to ask, I ended the relationship in a month’s time after that occurrence. It wasn’t that easy, I loved her and felt we could work things out. As a nice guy and being medically inclined, I knew there was more to what happened (slapping me). I dug into the matter and realised she was abused in her past relationship, and so wanted to do the same to someone else as a pay back and unfortunately na my head d tin land. After it happened like twice, I told myself, this would continue if I don’t opt out. It was hard though because I thought of how that she could change. I wanted to make the relationship work. But I realised, you can’t fix a broken person in a relationship, fixing has to be outside of a relationship (while still single) and I realised there’s a limit to what an individual can do to help the partner in a relationship. After the person has healed, he/she can now enter a relationship and be a blessing and not visiting the sins of the ex on the new.
    I’m sorry for my lengthy comment. This was just an avenue for me to pour out my heart.
    Bless you Horptie… 😊

  • rue202
    July 14, 2018 at 1:59 am

    Wow! That is so sad. I am going to pay greater attention from now on.

    • horptie
      July 14, 2018 at 2:32 am

      Oh please do… And I know the giver of strength and direction will be your help and guide. Amen.
      Thank you so much for reading

  • Lander7
    September 2, 2018 at 7:13 pm

    What do you think is the reason we haven’t ended this in society yet?


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