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Listening, and not just “hearing” from God


Listening, and not just “hearing” from God

Hey guys!

Something happened to me today that hasn’t happened to me in a while.

I got stuck on the 5th paragraph of an article I have been writing for about 2 weeks straight now! How in the world is that possible, right? And here I am posting another entirely different article?

Then again I heard it; very clearly.

I got the title and pattern to which I am to write this particular post. I won’t brag about how often than not I have actually been spoken to in my spirit but negligence or restlessness has made me either not to believe I heard, (sometimes I’m not sure I actually heard it; a state of confusion), or other times to simply ignore because I already set out to do another thing and disembarking seem either impossible (as I’d think of the stress of having to start all over) or that I’m doubting my strength in accomplishing that other path (because I feel that is me setting out ‘blindly’ – working with just faith of what I heard in my spirit).

I was able to put this post together after a lot of thinking through and to be sure it is adequate enough (as led) for your use because I can tell you for a fact that I do not write of these things of myself. I made up my mind not to allow what got me stuck on the previous article happen to me again and that was my disobedience to yield; to yield to the voice leading me on what and how to make the post.

The mentor-ship voice guiding my every utterance to you my beloved readers. The voice that helps me not to speak of ‘self’ alone when addressing issues that concern a large majority. The leading voice of the inner spirit marked by God.
So let me tell you that I was hell bent on writing that previous article because I got a word to write on that particular topic about three weeks ago and two weeks after, the issue I was going to discuss started trending on twitter! It almost felt like I won a lottery. Like how do you get the word from God and truthfully it became the world’s talk? I felt “on top” of it all ( let me just add that this isn’t the first time I’d got direct words like this or that I got, ignored and next thing it happened. But my life has been on a hill recently and my hearing has been a little faint, so you can understand why I felt like that – still, this is not me trying to justify myself). Then guess the next step I took? I started spilling it to all those who wanted to hear me that that topic was what I had planned to write on even before the trend, blah blah blah; all of these was in boastfulness.

Can you spot my wrong in all of these? Okay here,

  • I was speaking prematurely on something yet to manifest. Many of us do that a lot, a whole lot actually. We announce news and stuff that happen to us… to show off. We leave room for the public to poke into our business… are you kidding me, you call that testifying!?? Learn not to announce your good news/any news about you before its full manifestation. In fact you don’t need to announce to anybody even after the full manifestation because, tell me, what does their knowing it add to the goodness? Truly, sometimes your testimony may serve as encouragement to someone listening, but you should check your motive for sharing. Is it really intended to encourage someone or just an avenue for sheer boasting?
  • I was taking the glory for what I didn’t actually do. Tell me, what strength of my own could have anything done? What divine strength do I have to keep things in order or to make any manifestation of things? Exactly. I am plain, pure human. One only God made. One who without God is nothing and powerless – His love keeps me. His grace abounds for me. His spirit guides me and His strength leads me. So who am I to take upon myself any praises!?
  • I drifted. I got proud – I went ahead of myself to do of my own will (that’s in the simplest English I can express that). I didn’t think to ask or listen to what God – the owner of it all, had to say. I didn’t mind to take a moment to know His stance on my every step and move. Did I think it didn’t matter? No. I just didn’t remember to ask, or maybe I didn’t think the situation was any serious to warrant such attention from God.
  • Then, I got stubborn. Yes, my human nature completely took over and I blindly followed. (So when I say “Thank God for Grace”, I mean every single alphabet in that sentence!) It is the only reason I am always able to find my way back. It is the only reason I am never left on my own in the course of my life’s journey. It is the only reason I get new chances at anything I might have failed at. It is the only reason I never totally lose it all including my sense and sanity.

You wonder how you are able to get it back together, even as a non-Christian. Then I put it to you that it is Grace, God’s Grace… He loves us all.

Know that I did not get stuck because I didn’t have things to write about. On the contrary I had a lot to write on that topic, especially because of the kind of issue it is. I got stuck because I didn’t know how to begin the next line; that next sentence. Don’t misunderstand that, there is a lot to write but knowing where to pick it from, knowing the exact words to begin that sentence was where I got hooked. And trust me, from experience I have come to know it is God’s way of getting me to pay a closer attention. Also, knowing the motive I have put behind writing that article just made it clearer why I wasn’t able to accomplish that write-up.

There was a time in my life God spoke to me about the relationship I was in and I disobeyed. Yes, I saw the end of that relationship. I am actually no longer sad about that. Why? He is merciful and gracious and He has given me comfort for those times despite my disobedience. This is what He wants… that at any time we know we have failed Him, we call ourselves to repentance and with His arms open, He receives and accepts us back as His own; always. Oh how I love this God!

Just this morning while I was getting ready to leave the house, I did the same sad thing. I was changing bags from the one I used the previous day, the key to my desk was in it and it was sent to my memory to put in today’s bag but I ignored it. Why? Through the week I had consciously kept the key away in my wallet knowing that I could never forget my wallet even if I changed bags, so instead of keeping the key in one of the pockets of the bag, I kept in the wallet. Therefore I assumed I had returned the key inside the wallet so I ignored the voice I clearly heard reminding me to check for it, in fact I didn’t allow the voice stay more than a few seconds before dismissing (because I thought I knew all, right? #pheew). Then I got to work and kept searching and searching, at that point I realized what I had done and felt very bad (about the key; that was another thing God sorted out himself).

There have been so many times I knew I heard something spoken to me but confusion, uncertainty, doubts and disobedience, sometimes impatience successfully clouded my corresponding obedience.

You know I am currently reading a book – RIGHT PEOPLE, RIGHT PLACE, RIGHT PLAN by Jentezen Franklin (I absolutely recommend you do too), and it has been everything and so much more than I thought it could in helping me on the path of my life’s journey.
The process of listening to somebody about something is quite different from simply hearing what was spoken by that person. When a baby is crying out loud, this is me simply hearing the noise transmitted. But when I hear a baby cry and I am able to attach a meaning to what I have heard such as knowing he or she is hungry or in pain, that is me actually ‘listening’.

So when I speak of listening to God and not just hearing from God, I am telling of your every bound to doing His will as He calls; I am telling of being prompted by the inner spirit to fulfilling His very command just as He will have it done; I am telling of yielding in all capacity to His wants and desires; I am telling of being confound to His way; I am telling of your total surrender: I know this may not always be easy as we are humans and tend to drift from time to time. But have you ever sat to ask yourself this; if everybody used that excuse will anything ever really be done; like everything eventually will be a mess and in a messy state. So you see, it is God’s will that we beat this flesh-factor; it is God’s will that we move out of our comfort zone to do the extra for Him. And believe you me, He never fails in meeting at every point of need.

It will not always be easy, trust me (I am even still on that path). It will not always seem real, in fact there will be times you may end up disobeying, not intentionally but because you weren’t sure of that voice – this is why I need to beg you to HAVE A RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD, have a communication life with Him; He speaks, clearly, audibly and all the time but to a still and calm heart. When you can indeed say you know His heart, then he will talk to you even about the most minute of things, and much more the biggest things that need His direction and attention. He loves you and I too much, that is one thing if not any other that I am absolutely sure of, and He will always accept us back.

Listening can build a better relationship with others; and so with God too. While hearing is just merely receiving sounds through your ears. Listening is hearing Him, yielding to His call, answering Him and doing exactly as He pleases and wants.

I am sure this so well teaches on listening capacity and how to improve, yield and stay on the course of that process.

Will you like to share more on how we could hear from God and actually listen with total obedience? Please be sure to drop a comment.

Your Sweetheart,

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  • Maikel_coker
    July 13, 2018 at 12:02 am

    Very deep message here. God’s helping me to listen more and act accordingly. Not been easy cos sometimes it defies logic But moving forward . Dope piece 🙌

    • horptie
      July 13, 2018 at 6:16 am

      Exactly… sometimes it defies logic! But from experience it is almost all times, this is telling us He doesn’t think as we humans do – He is Almighty and will continually help us in His path. Amen.
      Thank you so much for reading 😊

    • rue202
      July 14, 2018 at 1:21 am

      He’s been doing the same for me as well.

      • horptie
        July 17, 2018 at 9:38 pm

        I am glad to hear this… I say many congrats on that😊

  • rue202
    July 14, 2018 at 1:23 am

    Thank you so much for posting this as it really spoke to me. I have been trying to listen and do as He says, but sometimes, because of confusion or whatever, I don’t and later regret it. So have been trying to do what He says. Some of what you said happened to you, I have had happen to me with writing my stories where I would write something (without asking Him whether that was what He wanted) and I would get stuck, it just would not work. So I would have to wait until He showed me what to write, and then it would just flow, you know?

    • horptie
      July 17, 2018 at 9:41 pm

      I can totally relate to this. I am happy you have come to realize this and I tell you it’s the first step to moving back on track.
      I pray more that He shines His divine light to brighten your path. AMEN.
      Thank you so much for sharing this.

  • rue202
    July 14, 2018 at 1:24 am

    So now I have learned to ask Him what He would have me do in my stories and He’ll tell me and it really works!

    • horptie
      July 17, 2018 at 9:44 pm

      Many congrats on this dearie… keep basking in His Will😙

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