First I’d say, ”HAPPY GOOD NEWS MONTH” guys- August will be ‘bae’ don’t you worry your head!

It is that time of the year again, when we ought to call ourselves together for appraisal.
Let’s start it at this time of the day by seeing/saying what we individually have had achieved so far just today.

Every morning, getting to your place of work, behind your desk, do you make it a point of duty to pen down things you want to achieve for that day? This very well could include the laundry you forgot to pick up over the weekend, or that item you didn’t get a free time to go retrieve from that friend’s place. I hope you get the idea of what I am trying to say here; not necessarily all those strictly official errands that have to be run but inclusive of personal and other essential stops that need to be made because it all ‘reads’ on your time.

It is called Accountability. Being in charge of how you spend your time; being able to show what value you’ve given or added to oneself. It is being capable of optimizing the least minimum time available at our disposal. In case you’ve forgotten or probably never really noticed, the rate at which 24 hours round 7 days is exhausted, almost without our notice as though it literally ‘flies’, can be quite alarming some other times that you are forced to sit back to check what you’ve ever accomplished.

Let me add that it is very essential that you first of all commit your ways into the Lord’s hands; tell him to bring His will forth in fulfillment of every moment in your life. This includes your every seemingly small affairs, your day to day routine and of course the very large ‘deals’ in your life. Things as little as this are actually the real deal to overall establishments and contentment.

You remember the beginning of this year when we made a check-list right?(you can read the post via So it’s time to tick the box of those achieved items on that list we individually made.
I know it feels like we are a month later than the exact half-year, but I needed to do this in an off-guard way where you think I must have forgotten we made a note to come keep records of how much and how far ahead we’ve progressed this year (at least from now, I’d make it my point of duty to do this because I love you, and also to help keep me in-check too ).

So I will start by mentioning that I have practically/literally been active in all areas I proposed to venture into this year (from my list of course). I won’t be elaborating on this because I equally remember saying it’s going to be like an announcement which I’ll be making on those stuff at year-end, which means you’ve got to keep in touch on this space lovelies! 

Today’s post is a gentle one just to allow you recess; trace your steps backwards as they say it is the only way life can be understood in an attempt to live life forward.

You want to feed us in on some of your achievements this year? Or how we could better utilize spending our time? Or just to throw in some key-starters on how to spend the rest of the year; things to engage in, trainings to get involved in, books to read, meals to try out, informative things and events, quality persons to connect and get acquainted with, tours to take, adventures to experience? Why not. Please feel free to drop in the comment section.

I remain your humble space-friend-in-love,

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  • rue202
    August 2, 2018 at 11:08 pm

    That’s a good idea to write down what you want to achieve and the things you want to do. I think I’ll try that and we’ll see what happens! Thanks for this.

    • horptie
      August 4, 2018 at 8:37 am

      It absolutely is. Do try it out and if it works well for you, be sure to tell us how you went about achieving them all.
      Thank you!

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