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Your Well-being (/Wellness)


Your Well-being (/Wellness)

I’m still trying to decide if I am or not but this post isn’t about me today. It is all you!

Just so you won’t be bothered, let me still state that my indecision on my well-being isn’t anything serious other than the fact that the stress of having to wake up so early everyday is most likely taking a toll on me; getting home so late after being held in traffic for so long, the uncomfortable sitting position from jamming shoulders and sides with fellow passengers and ultimately having to get home, to eating late and trying to straighten out stuff for the next working day; the sleeping late and the very early jumping out of the bed to continue the previous day routine.

Can we all just go on vacation already – the travelling around the world kinda vacation though, where there is the money and no care in the world pending when we can have every other thing figured out?

Back at you.

How will you describe what you feel? Your emotional state of being. Your mind basically,
beingbecause that is the centre of all other states of wellness – physical, emotional, balancing of financial wellness, spiritual, environmental/relations and most especially mental; from it streams out the peace you need, the joy for comfort and the balance for stability.

So initially, I wasn’t going to post this week – today. I had my own plans to do just a Broadcast amongst my contact audience but my male editor reached out to me and said to try pushing it and voila, this sprung forth. Hence, this post is specifically for someone out there.

You need a shoulder to lean on? Someone to talk to or just a friend? Talk to me. Even if getting to “know” me would make you feel more comfortable while deciding how much you’d like to open up to me, I’m up for it guys… just reach out to me via my email at
HORPTIELUV4RIL@YAHOO.COM or on any of my social media platforms (TWITTER and INSTAGRAM Direct Message – @Horptie) – I am actively responsive on all.

Your humble space-friend-in-love,

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