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The Love Of Your Love 2


The Love Of Your Love 2

We continue from last week.

How that you love somebody, expect a measure of love back but want it to be given only on your terms and still at your convenience.

How do we tend not to openly receive just as we may have given, or that you feel you don’t want to get stuck in it?
If it is love, let it flow!

Hey guys! Remember I talked of a poll which I conducted across a number of persons last week to gather their views on the Question – GUYS THAT ARE ALWAYS AT YOUR BECK AND CALL, DO YOU STILL FIND THEM ENTICING/APPEALING? I shared from the females’ perspective; you can view via > <. This week, I’ll be sharing responses from the male-counterpart. Do stay with me, remembering that the respondents have been given pseudonyms for the purpose of anonymity.


“Girls like guys that have a life of their own I guess. So be there but not always. Not like make it intentional not to be, so if you can help sure. If not, kindly decline. No need being overly nice abeg.” (How that can work, I personally really don’t know!). – Gabriel

“Let me start by speaking of an experience. There was this

relationship I had going on, I was intentionally being very nice to her. Well she had told me of her past relationship and how the guy was never really there for her and her emotions – I figured I had to be better for her. To cut it all short, girl broke up with me oh on the basis that ‘Men are scum’, that she didn’t think I was real and will always be there as I was displaying. Please tell me what I should have done better?! #sighs.” – Phil

“I know for sure those kind of guys are NOT APPEALING! God didn’t plan for men to act that way. Being always available to the one he loves and is in a true commitment with isn’t a problem at all. The problem is when he does it because he likes the girl and hope to win her with it. Though I don’t have relationship experiences but I dare to say a guy who will be the head of the home soon would also know how to be available out of love and how to avoid unnecessary ‘beck and call’ availability.” – Yinka

“My dear, it’s about how you place yourself in the lady’s hands. If she likes you (and there are many ways than one to making her really want you), then be sure she’ll even be the one calling you to give her the many attention you yourself want to give her – so I say it is about our packaging o, so they can rush us #grinning.” – Tobi

“Ladies like guys that interact with them smartly, have good humor, not those that go off acting stupid. The kind of guy that really cares and is available to give them a good laugh. They should just not bug them or become a pest. A guy has to know how to strike a balance that will get the lady both interested and participating by knowing the right moment to pull back from any interactions with her and the moment to get her all excited and engaging and always being the one to ask for more #teethout.” – Oluwaseun

“Naturally humans tend to undervalue what they have, compared to what they don’t have. We tend to take things that are easy to

get for granted. So Yahh and Nah, it is left to the person giving the attention to know how to call the shots so has not to get misused and eventually rendered useless.” – Joel

Now tell me… did you enjoy the feeds?

I’m thinking. Should I give you a shot of my thoughts towards that scenario or you got your fill from the vox pop? Or again, maybe we should just have a good digest of all I’ve shared up there and I’ll do a brief for next week’s post.

Guys I love, love all feedbacks I have been receiving from you and I’ll still love to hear more. While you are on that, could you please do me the favor of clicking the share button to any of the social platforms you are available on to give others the utmost privilege of getting linked to good information on here. Of course you will be doing me a favor of receiving a larger view and believe when I say

“Thank you” so much for all you do via this channel – your time, resources and voices alike.

I love you deeply.

See you again next time, next week!

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