The Power Of Words


The Power Of Words

Hey guys,

It is 2019!!!

A whole new figure and year… Hasn’t God just been faithful!?

Yes, I remember I may be owing you my precious readers some write-ups as I stated I was going to be sharing some of the goals I had written down to achieve (see 👉 and where we had that talk) and how much of it was achieved through the year. I am sorry I wasn’t able to meet up with it. I could give you reasons as; I got overwhelmed with lots more articles that I thought needed to reach you in good time, or that some other times, the post didn’t seem appropriate to be shared just then and so many more… but no, as part of this new year’s bet, I have decided to make sure I don’t always come up with excuses to justify whatever mistakes or delays or procrastination I may fall in, and this post is just about the right one to start living up to that personal commitment.
So here I am this year to have a chat with you, still not on those “owed” posts (those should come in after this one) but rather to light us up on how to plan to spend this new year – with the whole lots of resolutions and cliché stuff we tend to know about already. Sure, we all know there really isn’t ever anything said either here or elsewhere that hasn’t been said before, or that we don’t already know about one way or the other. Still it is my plan to say maybe these same things but refined as the Holy Spirit will have it laid on my heart, and I trust that if not all (as we are humans and are bound to have our difference in thoughts and comprehension) but most will meet you well.

How much power do you think words have on influencing our state of being?

Like, what exactly is the significance of words in taking charge of things and situation?
As Christians, do we realize we have been given authority starting with the power of our tongue?

Let’s go back in time and of course to our absolute reference – The Bible;

How did the earth come to be? See GENESIS 1:3, 6, 9, 11, 14, 20, 22, 24, 26, and 29; The Lord SPOKE.

And this my dear was the beginning and manifestation of what the tongue “held”. Following up, we have so many scriptural verses that put words more into use.

We humans forget the magnitude of what has been placed in our jurisdiction and tend to first misuse and in subsequent times misbehave and finally neglect. We forget the power and inheritance that has been placed upon us, we tend to lose ourselves in the chaos of this fainted world that as a friend rightly said is not the mandate that the Lord Jesus Christ who died on the cross for us commissioned us to ‘do’ as they all are frivolous and vain.

It is therefore upon us to make our lives and situations better by actively participating in making it that way, and this my dear is where the use of the action “speaking” comes in. Just as it is possible to have letters formed into sentences in our minds and hearts, we need to speak them out to the air around us as a way of taking territory and dominating thoughts gathering in our heads; else they really just linger around without having gravity or weight attached to its meaning.

So how do you plan to change happenings around you this year? I, for one have decided to be deliberately positive with my words to myself. I don’t joke with people talking
anyhow to me so why should I then be less lenient with me being kind to myself starting with something that seems as mere as words – that for me is the beginning of using power, and yeah, I looove being in charge so I plan to totally seize it and when I fail by lashing myself with unkind words especially in public, my punishment to myself is to go to these set of people that may have witnessed it and reverse it with nicer words to (and about) myself to their faces. Kind words are means to nurturing oneself to growth.

I hope this follows well to you and you got to optimally digest this write. This, my friend is what I have for you… quite short, very pointy and deliberately so.

So, do feed me back on your thoughts on this article, or on stuff you plan to work on this year or would love someone out there to take cognizance of to have a better year ahead of them as against how last year 2018 went.

Whao! Sounds sort of weird saying 2018 was like a decade behind right? #grinning.

With Love,

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