The Faintest Reality


The Faintest Reality

You know, I sometimes wonder how I was ever able to get anything done at all with the rate at which I used to push stuff around either till later or never. I know, I know, and I am ashamed I was ever like that. Then unfortunately the trend wanted to resume itself, in fact let’s just say It shot off till I was able to put a name to whatever that character was; it sure was trying to sneak in in an attempt to take an indisputable lead. And hmm, I suppose I was able to curb it before it was all up and about.

… And that’s like one of the particular reasons I am even able to sit to tell it to your face. Lol
Nah, nah, it shouldn’t only be when you have supposedly conquered something you should get to share. No. Many times actually, you need to tell your intending ‘commitment’ to some respectable persons; that way you stay accountable and up on your feet, ready to pull the whole thing through.

With that cleared, let’s move the talk to what gist I have planned out to share #winks.

Some things have turned up really nicely because I chose to push my laziness back by sometimes as small as 5 minutes. It played out so perfectly that I just kept wondering why we ever procrastinated. And I’m being serious here, I just do not want to sound like I am exaggerating. It was last Sunday evening I realized how much can be saved only if we didn’t get so lackadaisical with putting things to order at the exact times it crossed our minds. You know those crazily lousy periods we be like, “I will get up some 2
minutes later to have this and that done but right now let me relax before getting up”. I found out on Sunday that we never can die or get hurt if we think we aren’t ‘feeling’ strong enough to get up and have that thing done. Trust me, it is just what it is – a feeling; it ain’t real. It is just one of those things that hang around trying to steal your joy and shine only if you let it.

You know, we care so less about those things that look insignificant but let me tell how
those bits and bits of unforgiven disagreements pile up to actually cause a huge rift and sometimes unfortunately, irreparable situations as worse off as a divorce in so many homes.

Now do you see the magnitude of that? Exactly. How do we get so careless and nonchalant as regards stuff we should attend to? Don’t we know that when we leave them to linger on, they turn into a heap of some crazy pain in the butt?!

How about you lay those complaints aside and have that thing done? How about you learn to let those things go – the things you are either scared to bring up so you can have a resolution on or those times you have had your toes stepped on; just leave it aside and create a new slate. Christ wiped yours clean by laying His own life for our renewal. Do you even realize the gravity of that!? (John 3 vs 16), how much more human to human forgiving!? The Holy Book tells us we are to forgive seventy times seven times (Matthew 18 vs 22), trust me, that’s only because it can be done: it is absolutely possible, you just gotta let it go at each moment it (tries to) come.

You will achieve so much more with a lighter heart and head… wouldn’t that just be better? Wouldn’t you rather have peace as against being tensed up at all moments? And most times, one will not even know the whole cause of the heartache after a while of continuous brooding on same related matters.

So learn to give your heart, wholly and clean even to God. That way, dealing effortlessly, gracefully and smoothly with man will be an easy “task”, knowing how insatiable man can be.

How the little things do add up and magnificently count! Challenge yourself to be better at all you possibly can find yourself doing.

Your humble space-friend-in-love,

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