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How A Man Can Love A Woman


How A Man Can Love A Woman

There are specific ways to showing affections and convincing the receiver of the true state of the emotions attached to this expression. There are also some that we all know are just the give-and-take kind; those ones that are merely momentary, just the give-to-receive-an-instant-response or entitlement or to satisfy current pleasure.

This is absolutely a bias show of affection. Very ill-standard!

When you base the feelings you have for somebody on something you see coming off it, then those are not true emotions.

Love is everything and so much more! (See this full post ). You really should read this post; I’m almost convinced to drop my pen on today’s article from what wealth of knowledge there is to gain from that link!

But still, I’m going to ask… how do you think a man should romantically love his woman?

I got the inspiration from my two buddies who lets say jestingly proposed I come up with something from the topic. And I must say it sure is a loaded one if you will agree with me, yea?

From my knowledge of a good relationship: just as we know that no relationship can be perfect, just as no one can be perfect but rather strive for perfection; partners in a relationship who profess to loving each other need also to strive for perfection in love. A good relationship is one where both parties are willing and can actually come to a compromise that despite it including giving up stuff and sacrificing, there is a way to make up for it with no regrets. I know reading that can sound just like the statement above where I condemned the give-and-take mere scenario, well let me burst your bubbles that both statements are entirely different yet have some sort of worthy similarities.
Saying “worthy” there makes all the difference you know. Worthy there implies that whatever resources one is pouring into something/on someone is for the right reasons. When you decide to commit to somebody, as in a relationship, know that includes making up your mind to being the best version of you irrespective of what you may have to give and most definitely what you might have to put up with. You solely have to come to terms with it in your heart that that partner you plan to love might not know a thing about loving and yourhowexample is all the lead available to them to work with in sharing and showing their own love. So, even though the receiver may not be deserving of it or act deserving of it, it is that you count yourself valuable enough to offer out something of invaluable importance for the sake of mankind in general alongside helping you fulfill the scriptures – ROMANS 12 VS 9 – 13; NLT version most perfectly expresses this. It says:
Don’t just pretend to love others. Really love them. Hate what is wrong. Hold tightly to what is good. Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other. Never be lazy, but work enthusiastically. Rejoice in our confident hope. Be patient in trouble, keep on praying. When God’s help are in need, be ready to help them. Always be eager to practice hospitality.

P.S: It is no coincidence that the last sentence says “God’s people” – it is speaking here that one shouldn’t romantically love another person outside faith; A Born Again Christian.
So if the bible can instruct you to accord this much level of love to your fellow body in Christ, how much more do you think it will allow you express love to that person you have professed romance to; the one you wish to spend your eternity on earth beside.

How can a man love a woman? Wholly, as acceptable in the sight of the Lord! He said it is the duty of a man to LOVE his wife, just as it is a woman’s duty to SUBMIT to her husband. The focus here isn’t the ‘wife’ which is why you have that part in italics. EPHESIANS 5 VS 1 – 33 (You really should read this, especially in a KING JAMES VERSION, and most definitely in NLT version).

You cannot be loving a woman and giving her reasons to doubt or second guess your position when it comes to matters that concerns her. Hell no. A woman is all shades of emotions, and you definitely do not want her displaying some acts that I bet would send you running and hiding. Peace comes with a loved woman. To experience this peace, give her her peace!

A woman is delicate, not weak but fragile – to be handled with care. A true man deals patiently with his woman. She is full of values and shares this side of her with you when invested in.

You will love to be a woman. A woman. Precious diamond with no cost. Priceless. Of invaluable esteem flying high. A woman. Your Pride – Full and filled with love. Fearless.

To keep a woman…

You are to content, please, protect, lovingly correct and nurture your woman into being the best version there is to her. Any other way, is a condemned path!
tryOnly if a man doesn’t love himself will he not love his woman in the best possible way. Love in a woman brings the best possible actions and reactions a man can get from her; it is not because she loves to receive something in return but because a woman’s body and heart has been specially devised by God to respond to emotions in that way. A woman is not weak from love or lack of it. No. A woman is motivated to break grounds from the flow of emotions flooding into her – whether good or bad ones (so also as in a man; humans generally).

I want to believe we all know the repercussion from something bad, just as we know the rewards accruing from good deeds – simply logic. So, tow the path you will rather have a harvest from.

Wanna learn to please your woman? Sure yeah, you can talk to me… I am just a call away.

See my “LET’S BE FRIENDS💥” PAGE for avenues to reach me.


                                                                              – LurpEe.


It is that time of the year where I will have to be off this space for a while… Yes, some exams to face. This doesn’t mean I can’t always dash-in-and-out to check up on you in form of an article and stuff, but it won’t be as our usual every Thursday meeting up.
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