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Staying Close To The Source

I many times wonder how we humans (myself inclusive, too many times infact) think we can go about our lives without giving all thanks and adoration to Him Who is Worthy and Stays faithful through the course of our lives.

The one Who makes everything new and sure for our safety.

The preserver of our souls.

The Maker. The All Supreme. The Never Changing.

The All-knowing.

Our Father, the Real One.

The One Who ensures we stay on track.

The Designer of our destiny and paths.

The Alpha. The Almighty – Oluwa yi ma ma to bi loba.

Mighty in battle. Swift to answer. Never late, always in time!

The Finder and the Keeper. My Sustenance.

Always present, ever Sure.

Ka bi e re, ko ma ma si – The Unique King.

This big, big God!

When we lost our way; when we lose hope; the times we become stubborn and adamant.

When we get frustrated, when it looks like nothing is working our way… no, when we think things are not happening just because it is not the way we have it patterned.

We forget there is One who knows the end

from the beginning. The One who created the lines from the start.

How in our foolishness we forget the just-a-few-moment-ago blessings He gave us. The ever happening miracle. We, saved by just split seconds of mercy – the forever abiding mercy.

The testimonies we actually forget to count as testimonies because they come in so often, almost with ever passing second. Those narrow escapes from hitting our tender foot against a hard rock. Those damning falls He pulled us up from. That speeding bike that passed you with just tiny bits of kilometers.

The transformer wires that dropped just right ahead of you just because you were delayed by what you thought was somebody calling you and you turned around to check but saw nobody, and as you were about to take the step forward.- gbam – you got saved from being electrocuted!



How do you consider them as just mere coincidence!?

When you think further on where those incidents might have landed then you see how much noise you should make when recounting these little drops of miracles that pile up into oceans.

It sometimes baffles me how patient this God is!

But noooo… I’m eternally grateful for His loving-kindness, the peace I enjoy, for The Cross

The One Who has it all figured – The Only Wise God.

Thank God for Grace. His constant Love. The kind that draws us back. The kind that puts us back into set and reset even yet only for our own good!

The God who never keeps accounts of any wrongdoings – All forgiving and forgetting.

Christ, My (Our) Only Benefactor – The Solid Rock.

He is …

The One Who never leaves the one behind!!!

Have you surrendered your life and all that concerns you to Christ? Thinking to rededicate yourself?
Now is just about the best time to…

Say with me…

Father, I acknowledge You today and I thank You for Who You are. I accept You today as my Lord and personal Saviour. I invite You into my life and give up all of that which concerns me today to You.
Be God in my life and help me to know You deeper and better. Amen.

Congratulations Darl…

I, Horptie welcome you into the family of Christ.

With All My Love,

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