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When To Stop Giving The Green Light!

When To Stop Giving The Green Light!

You know there are some categories of persons that just choose to play around and gladly derive pleasure in giving headaches and heartaches.

Just you stay off!!

I wouldn’t advise a lady to ask a guy out. Well, maybe largely due to personal experiences but also, because the inspiration I write from – The Bible, maybe not categorically but basically makes us understand how that the male (man) is the head and should lead. A man being the “head”… well I say this is in all things o. HEAD, taking the most steps. HEAD, leading on and carrying along. HEAD, showing interest and actually taking the lead in expressing.

But all of these does not imply that the expression of feelings and emotions by the lady should be ignored. C’mon, a lady is permitted to give a gesture of some sort to indicate her show of interest in a guy. We term that giving the “green light”. This, simply put is giving a signal of approval to the Male counterpart to go ahead in approaching and possibly attempting to ask the lady out.

I’m totally in for atleast showing how you feel (depends on your person, so maybe just a bit), Show how that you like someone. I mean, let the person know!!!

You can’t be catching feelings and drowning yourself alone all in it – let them know.

Many times, it helps. When a shy guy who

has an interest in you is encouraged by your reciprocating response. It allows them to then do the needful.

Even though it may not be reciprocated, be content Love or let me say the Emotions grew in you. Yes, you heard that well. So there is this tape I have that gives a solemn talk on how love works and if you want it, you could just ask.

And so yes, be content the feelings grew in your heart… no matter how little or short the time it stayed. Simply tell it. It shows you are human, especially for someone who may not have been in any relationship a long time from when this eventually happened – it tells that you still have the ability to feel and give affection and that in itself is so much bliss!!!

“Giving the green light” is mostly a function by the female to the male counterpart since our culture (Nigeria/yoruba tribe) has put it forward that a lady shouldn’t be the one to ask the guy out. But with the development and modernisation available now, we say we take some things into our own hands by atleast finding a way or the opportunity to voice our position on matters regarding our (ladies)

hearts. This is especially for peace of mind sake!

So yes, I encourage that ladies show that they have a bit of interest in a guy that is giving attention… ofcourse only if they feel some sort of emotions towards such guy, dhuur. LOL.

The moment you feel like your response and all is being taken for granted, abeg, madam retreat!

I’m a big goner for guts. Your guts very rarely lead you a stray… this is especially when you have the Holy Spirit in you plus you are patient and rational enough through it all. I mean… this ‘instinct’ of a thing is often too many times correct.

What you need?

Know who you are. Know your values. Know what you are worth and also, know what and who you want – the kind of person you settle with is a huge determinant of most of the successes ever to come your way! Peace of mind, my dear, can never be undermined! When you feel peace, there isn’t a limit to how safe you will feel in a relationship. And you don’t just feel the peace. Yes, the Holy Spirit peace is an approval of the relationship but also some show of commitment and consistency on

the part of the guy gives so much peace of mind and assurance in the relationship.

Know who wants you too… I’m telling you, you will know. That’s why you should know that love, relationship and ultimately marriage is much more than emotions!
Don’t let just your emotions be your guide.

There is the phrase that “Dating/courtship is the period to love intelligently while marriage is the time to love blindly and without fear (of the unknown, how your partner will treat you, how they will choose to also love you and the likes)”

All of these is to avoid nobody trashing you around! 😏.

It is when you are willing to settle for whatever you can get that you then entertain bullshits from just anybody shoving it your way.

Self-love can never be overemphasized!!!

I say this about both sexes… really, there is so much love and good out there to settle for less – there are still amazing people who can be amazing partners. But you can only have them when you don’t opt or settle for trashy people.

There you have it.

With Love Always,

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