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The Smart Selection

The Smart Selection
We let our hearts, emotions and feeling determine what could be our eternity or even what could usher us into the next phase of our lives; Our Success Story.

We leave our senses out because in defense we say, our reasoning is too calculating and inhuman. You expect it be more rational. And in your claim, you say it doesn’t know how that next person feels or how that boyfriend or girlfriend is handling whatever he or she is currently facing.

You claim all of these is you being a good and understanding person. But sorry to disappoint you, it is really solely because we are undiscerning!

Small drift: Discernment doesn’t only take the form of spirituality. It isn’t only about the spiritual life or habits of something or someone that we need a discerning spirit.

You turn a blind eye to those passing comments your partner make when you both talk about what could be the next phase your relationship should be heading. But no, you don’t want to rush or appear desperate. So, you allow them say their dirty words to you and you are silenced because “you are not yet their husband or wife” or because “you are still just a dating partner”.

Many times we see the signs. These red flags and warning lights always flashing but we choose to turn a blind eye to them.

The red flags!

Be alert…

Your dating partner stylishly and repeatedly saying you guys are not married yet means something. It could be a red flag!

Your dating partner pointing it to your face how that it isn’t their responsibility to help you make a decision might be a red flag!

I’m not saying you shouldn’t be independent or decisive enough to take a stand, but there should be some sort of caring or desire/interest by your partner to help you sort through your emotions. Probably bring you clarity by breaking down the pros and cons associated to a particular decision you are trying to make. Because anything short of that could be a red flag.

Inability to consult with you, seek your opinion or in the least just inform you of a new project or a new line of thought may be a red flag!

Money issues without a common ground could be a red flag!

An adverse stance on values, principles, mode of living, lifestyle. Issues like do you want a working class woman or a stay-in one?. Religious differences, family orientation and the likes – all of which makes up your belief might be a red flag!

Request: There are a whole lot more of these related issues and I will totally love to hear from your own point of view in the comment section.

How do you think God has so blessed us with brains to see and make right decisions?.

My Opinion:

As I have come to encounter and actually agree, a lot of times the mistakes we make is in choosing from an almost right decision and a perfectly right one. True, it may not be one’s fault entirely. But that is when to take the opportunity to retrace on some steps. Afterall, you see how that even the perfectly given brains may not always be the answer to being right. Seek the face of the Lord; have a relationship with Him. It’s not just the regular good-morning-devotions or the I’m-in-a-situation kinda rush prayers. Have a deep relationship with God. Only then will your discerning spirit be sharp and at alert!

I’m not there. In fact I’m so not close because many times I wonder how I’m aware of these issues yet constantly find myself in it, making a hell of choices.

Consistently getting signs of red flags is an opportunity to have a conversation with your partner. Clarify for sure whatever it is you may be feeling.

Take consolation as knowledge is the first step to liberation.

I’m encouraging myself now as well as actively moving to the next stage of being firm in applying all of these things I know. And finally, consciously working on myself at the same time watching out for the one with amazing intentions towards me.

It is high time you took a step. Dare to take a stand. Keep your belief sharp and see what heights you will take and doors that would fling open. Only because you made a decision to let go and allowed what was hanging take roots; the real deal.

Horptie ✌

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    July 30, 2020 at 6:34 pm

    Excellent work

    • horptie
      July 30, 2020 at 7:10 pm

      Thank you.
      I’m glad you agree!!


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